Let’s Get our Study Oooon!

So after little-to-no sleep last night I got up at half six this morning, trudged my way into college and more or less slept and giggled senselessly for minutes on end for no real reason whatsoever.

I am exhausted and it is seriously taking its toll, but I have two essays due for Friday, and it takes me a day per essay I write. I’m slow and it takes me far too long to get all of the information I need before I can actually start writing the damn thing.

Sooooo this is my way of getting past my exhaustion:



One giant ass Toblerone bar (courtesy of Mr. Sean Cooke) and three cans of Coke. This is my way to stay awake people, and if it doesn’t work I’m just gonna curl up with my darling hot water bottle and sleep my worries away.

Today’s essay is for the module 20th Century Drama. I really love the subject, so I hope that will help with the whole ‘I’m falling asleep while I type’ thing.

I am writing on The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov.

If anyone else has written an essay on this or even just read it (cos I haven’t) and would like to help me with my scene analysis, I would love you forever.

Expect a seriously delirious post later.

Till then, I leave you envying me and my giant chocolate bar. Yum!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get our Study Oooon!

    1. Haha, well it’s going to take me quite a while to eat this. I am quite small and it is quite big!
      You should buy one, they are amazing!! A big treat in our family!

      1. The the kind you need to make sure you get enough sugar to stay awake- especially with Toblerone, if you don’t go big there’s no point in going at all! 😛

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