Sugar and Caffeine

I am so high on Coke (the liquid, I ain’t no druggie) that I can barely type this. My attempt at cutting my steak at dinner tonight was like something from The Simpsons, where they saw at heir food but to no prevail.

HOWEVER I have finished my essay.


I have finished extremely early today- I think it’s because I really do love this subject and the play was so interesting. I was nervous about doing a scene analysis but it turned out to be quite enjoyable! Tomorrow’s essay though…. Well let’s not talk about that right now. T.S Elliot’s The Wasteland. That’s all I’m gonna say.

One of my friends said something to me today that I never thought I would hear:



This was sent to me on Facebook. Those of you who read my Blog will probably know by now that I am insanely disorganised and if any of you have ever seen my room (if you have that’s kinda creepy and you really shouldn’t be there. But as you’re there anyway, would you mind picking a few things off the floor for me?) it is quite horribly messy and more or less like someone put a pipe bomb in my wardrobe open to see what the most odd and random places my clothes could land.

Yes that means my clothes have ended up on the light on my ceiling. I was drunk. It happens!

So yes, this statement really made me laugh. So much so that I shared it with you guys!

Allllso, I was gonna say that I know I have not been writing at all lately, but I have a plan!

I’m going to the Gaeltacht (Irish college where we all speak Irish all the time) from Sunday to next Saturday. By the time I come back I will only have one essay left and that means that I will be a free woman to write to my heart’s content!

So yes, expect a lot of writing after my insanely Irish lovin’ Gaeltacht experience- gonna be back before St. Patrick’s Day and all- all Irish next week will be!

Good night WordPress. Let’s hope this caffeine and sugar wears off soon and my foot stops tapping!


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