My Lovely Readers

Hello all you beautiful people!

Would you believe that I didn’t even need a can of Coke to finish my essay today? And I had it finished before it was even 6 o’ clock! I feel like a new woman!

Well… The same woman, just I don’t have any essay left to do. And I’m not shaking like I was after yesterday’s essay. WHOOP!

I have spent the rest of my day writing posts for all you wonderful people out there. As you may or not remember, I am going to the damned Gaeltacht next week, so I will not be here next week at all!

However, as WordPress is so damn amazing, I have found a handy little option that let’s me schedule my posts! I have been writing a few today and scheduling them for the different days of next week. As I will not be able to update ye all about what is actually happening to me- because I’ll be in East Jesus Nowhere- so instead I have an awful lot of random posts pretty much about anything that popped into my head!

SO if anyone comments on any of my posts next week, I am not ignoring ye, I am speaking Irish in Connemara! Trust me, I would much rather sit at my laptop and reply to people, but unfortunately that cannot be, so I am leaving civilisation for a while and when I come back I will be posting things about writing again.

I have really loved writing these random posts though, so depending on how well they have done by the time I come back I might end up writing more of them!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the posts I have written for ye!

I’m not gone yet though! So be expecting normal, boring old me-posts for a few days yet!


7 thoughts on “My Lovely Readers

    1. Thank you! I know it’s silly, but I really don’t want to go!
      I’m already fluent in Irish so I don’t really see much point, but I guess I have to!
      I hope you enjoy the week I’m not here!

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