Writing on my Mind

Now that I haven’t written for a while because of these damned essays, I am starting to miss it an awful lot, and going without it for another week is going to be extremely tough.

I’m even considering writing it long-handed while I’m in the Gaeltacht. At least it would be something. And then I might even have a chapter finished by the end of the week.

I don’t know how much time I’ll have during the day or during our spare time to do this though. BUT being super positive, I’ll try to find time every day just to get a few words down.

It will only take a little while to type it all up I’d say and I have the Monday after I come home off college so I will have loads of time to type it up!

I may be slow at typing, but there probably won’t be much to type up by then!

I have my last essay for my English modules to write today, but I’m finding it hard to just start getting it done. It’s also for a module I find incredibly boring!

I’ll start it soon enough though, get it all out of the way!



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