This Trip is Going to Save My Nails.

I was going to take a picture of my own nails for this post to show what a poor state they are in, but it is surprisingly hard to take a picture of your own hands… While taking the picture. Especially when you are as useless with cameras as I am. So instead, this is what I found:

To the point of this post, I have a sneaky feeling that I am going to come back from the (stupid) Gaeltacht with AMAZING nails. This is quite big. I might even treat myself to actual nail polish.

I know, I really go full out, don’t I?

So far through my teens I have tried to give up biting my nails many, many times. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I failed drastically, but no matter how well I did I always went back to biting them. Whether it was a sad moment in a movie that I had to try to chew my way through, having eaten all my popcorn, or an extremely stressful week; I ALWAYS went back to snacking on my hand.

However, for that short week I had nails I would paint them in drastic colours: neon blue to bright red to green. I thought I was cool. I really wasn’t. Thank God for my emo phase that ensured only black nail polish for the short occasions I did have nails.

Even when I pause to think about what I’m going to write next I BITE MY NAILS! I know it’s a disgusting habit, and I have tried all the awful polishes and everything to try to stop, but I just licked it all off or washed my hands until the taste was gone.

This is literally like an addiction with the lengths I went through to bite them.

SO in conclusion, I feel that I will not have enough time to bite my nails in the Gaeltacht. At least I’m hoping so. I am going to take it upon myself to come back with damn sexy nails, like THESE:

These are possibly fake (I don’t know much about nails) but this is what I aim to achieve.

I’ll let you know how badly I fail this time when I’m back, and if I magically succeed, then I will tell you about that!

Oh, as I will be putting this on every post from now till I’m back please read here why I will not be replying to anyone (no, I am not a mean person). Go on, I dare you to take a look. Right here. Dare, you have to look at it now!

So, good bye for now. I hope ye all have an amazing week!!!


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