Books, I Rather Them, But…

I am not an e-reader kinda girl. I love me a great big book, I love the feeling of the pages, the excitement of turning a page, the smell of the books…

I just really love books, ok?

So, I went through all the books I have in my Granny’s house to date. All of them. I did tell you guys I’d give you a list of the books I’ve read so far this year, so here they are:

1) The Trouble With Weddings

2) Blood Beast

3) Death’s Shadow

4) Wolf Island

5) Dark Callings

6) Hell’s Heroes

7) Pandemonium

8) Sherlock Holmes, a Study in Scarlet

At the moment I am reading The Golden Compass. But it’s one of those 3-in-1 books.


This book is enormous. Like really. I have stopped taking my laptop to college it’s so heavy.

There’s over 1,000 pages in it (don’t keep me to that, it’s in my bag and I’m not bothered taking it out to count the pages!

So, even though I do seriously LOVE books, it’s a bit of a pain sometimes when you’re close to breaking your back it’s so heavy!

But in this case it’s worth it; I really love this series, I only read the first one because it was on my course in first year, so I have started them all over again. I really do love them! Pullman is quite the genius!


8 thoughts on “Books, I Rather Them, But…

  1. I used to love real books so much more, but then they hated me. My dad sold all my books when I went to college so I had to start a new collection. Then a water pipe broke in the apartment above me and ruined all of my new collection. Now I just use an e-reader. At least my books can be saved on Amazon now.

  2. I’ve always preferred the feel of a real book. Also the idea I can pass the series that I loved in its physical paper form to my child one day makes me feel like it means more that i kept a “stupid old book” for a decade or two to give to them because I feel they would benefit from them like I did.
    Such as, I’ve kept the entire dragonlance series, my favorite, that my mother gave to me and changed my life to give to the future brats of my life.
    Also, ebooks feel like lies and awkwardness.

    1. I agree, and I know how you feel. I want to pass my favourite books onto my children as well. It would mean so much to me if they enjoyed the same things I did when I was their age.

      1. Exactly. Putting them in worlds you were engrossed with in the same years. Seeing their points of views and how they imagined things. What becomes of their inspiration from such things.

  3. I read the first in Pullman’s books and really did like it. That three-books-in-one of yours looks awesome though. I wish I’d come across it before buying my separate books! I understand what you mean about books being heavy, and even though I do like physical books, my e-reader has been growing on me. πŸ˜‰

    1. Really? I wonder whether I’d grow to love an e-reader if I had one I could use everyday πŸ˜› I’m half way through the second book, and I love it, you should totally read it, I need someone to talk to about it- none of my friends will read them!!!
      My back is aching from carrying it the whole way to the Gaeltacht, but I don’t mind for the need of a good read, it’s totally worth it! πŸ˜›

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