I Am a New Kind of Dumb

I’m not trying to put myself down, I’m not into that at the moment, but my God I am dumb!

We figured out last week that I do not know most of the capitals of the world. Mr. Cooke continued to ask me what the capitals to various places were, then asked me what all the continents are. My list was: Africa (only because he had just told me it was not a country), America, Russia and Europe. I was lying through my teeth and making my answer up, because I had NO IDEA what the answers were.

I was quite embarrassed.

Now, I’m not dumb in all respects, I managed to do higher level maths for my leaving cert and did a lot of science subjects, but I am obviously not even a tiny bit smart in reality.

I suppose when something like this

entertains you for longer than you should, you know that you not the brightest pin in the voo-doo doll.

Soooo, what are the things you guys don’t know that you really should know? You can’t resort to the good oulde Sherlock Holmes ‘I only remember the things I need to’. I want really embarrassing stuff that no one would want to admit!


3 thoughts on “I Am a New Kind of Dumb

  1. Meh. I don’t have all the capitals memorized nor do I know all of the US presidents by memory. I figure why bother taking up the space in my brain memorizing stuff when I can get the answer from my cell phone almost as fast as I could my brain.

    I don’t think memorizing stuff is intelligence at all. The math and science stuff is far more important.

    And also the names and numbers of all the Penguins hockey players.

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