My Super Talent…

…. -wait for it-…. Is… Being able to SUPER multitask!

Yes, if I was a superhero I’d be extremely boring, but this is my natural superpower. I can write an essay and talk to someone on Facebook at the same time as thinking about what I’m going to write on WordPress that night.

Sure, it might not be smart, but I can’t work unless I’m in dead silence, or the more regular option, I can’t work without having a little distraction there constantly.

Maybe that’s why my grammar is super bad.

But I don’t mind, I’d like to think that is I were a superhero that this talent would transform into me being able to move things with my mind, while reading someone’s thoughts, while making a good old crisp sandwich and blogging about the whole thing.

Ok, if I was a superhero and I did have a secret identity, I wouldn’t be able to tell you guys.

Sorry, but that’s the way it has to be.

To make you feel better, here’s a really fat Robin made out of icing!

Soooo my question for you all today is, based on your talents, what would your superhero powers be? I don’t want the easy ‘I do sports so I would have super speed.’ I want serious superpowers! Comment below if you wanna share your amazing secret identity and powers with the world!

You never know, this could be a great writing exercise!

Signing off, Miss Tayto the Deadly.

Yes, that is my secret identity!

(Read why I’m a bitch and not replying to anyone here)


5 thoughts on “My Super Talent…

    1. Well if you’re open minded maybe you could read minds because you would be sensitive to how people are and how they might be feeling. Though being angry could be quite a useful super power, I know loads of people who would love that!

      1. Yeah, the angry thing is from the Lantern Corps based on DC Comics. They are fascinating as it covers the entire colour spectrum. Reading minds would be a great power, maybe like Mel Gibson in that film, read all womens minds.

      2. That would be quite useful!
        And I know the DC series, the story is great, but nothing will ever beat Batman to me. He’s my main DC man and always will be!

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