You’re Never Too Old For Romance

The other day I came across this photo. It made me smile so much.

My Grandparents have shown me that you are never too old for true love or romance, you can never outgrow your true feelings for the one you have fallen for, devoted you life to, and loved through absolutely everything.

I have lived with both sets of Grandparents over the past 3 years at different stages, and while living with them I learned a lot about them both as people and as a couple.

One set of grandparents in particular, my Mother’s parents are ones who are seriously in love, but so much so that they fight about the smallest things all the time, which is incredibly humorous and adorable.

My Granda makes my Granny breakfast in bed every morning because she can’t walk around properly and she has a serious back problem. Every morning she thanks him, and reminds him that he’s forgotten her jam again. He tells her to f-off and get it herself, then comes down with it a minute later.

He would literally do anything for my Granny, and she would do anything for him. They are my absolute role models in how a relationship should end up at the end of your life, I want what they have. The tiffs, the messing, the slagging. It’s all a part of how much they love one another, and how even after 52 years married they can show their love for one another.

(And to ruin my sappy, cutesy post, here’s that post AGAIN)


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