90 Posts, 90 Followers

As you may have guessed I have gotten up to that magical mark of 90 followers. And, if you have not guessed this is my 90th post! That’s right, I have annoyed you lovely people 90 times now, and strangely you’re all still here and reading my posts!

I don’t know why, I am such a moan and only talk about the random things that come into my head, and if not that it’s writing or college. ANYHOO I don’t want to lose you all, so I’m going to hope you all stick around for a while longer, and hopefully in the next few months my Blog will grow even more!

Well, that’s the plan.

If I get a follower per post I will be quite insanely thrilled, or even a follower every two or three posts would be amazing!

I never expected anyone to read my Blog at all, let alone think it was worthy enough of a follow.

So, in short, I would like to say thank you to all of you for making my heart jump with joy whenever that little notifications icon glows orange and shows that beautiful little + sign!

Thank you all! I have been avoiding some posts on different awards I’ve been given, so I swear I’ll write them up over the next few days! Happy Blogging!



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