Silly Me.

I am quite extremely childish. You guys may have noticed this already with my uploading pictures of stress balls that look like characters from Pacman and my constant moaning and giving out. 

This is just me.

I am a child and always will be a child. I am only 5 foot tall, and if you all saw the picture I posted in yesterday’s post I look incredibly young even though I am 18 in that picture. I’m 20 now and literally look no different. 

It’s hard for me to moan about looking so young. Whenever I do people say ‘Oh, you’ll be glad of that when you’re thirty and still look like you’re in your teens.’ Well guess what? I’m not 30, I’m 20, and strangely enough I want to look my age.

I know I will be thankful for looking so young later on in life (though, knowing my luck I’ll age 50 years in a day and look older than I should at 30) but at the moment it is a serious pain in the ass.

As I said, I am 20. When at clubs I do not appreciate men coming up to me and saying ‘Oh love, you’re too young to be in here, go home to bed.’ I would not be able to get in on a fake ID, it just wouldn’t work, so I must have gotten in somehow… Oh, yeah. Because I’m of age and definitely allowed in the club.

However I really don’t help myself with this problem. I am childish, giddy and can be as annoying as a wasp when you’re having a picnic at the best of times. 

My room is also filled with things like this:



And these:

Yes, those are teddy foods and liquids. And a 7 foot long Caterpillar named Catty. But so what? I like my teddies and I am such a child that I need a certain teddy with me every night or I will not sleep. Her name is Yessy, and she is a turtle. I love turtles.

I did not bring her to the Gaeltacht for fear of mocking, and so without talking to Mr. Cooke every night and without Yessy, I had some extremely bad sleep in the Gaeltacht.

I know this is a very abrupt ending, but my conclusion is that I will always be childish because people tell me I look so young, and also because I am just a serious child at heart. 

God help Mr. Cooke if he has to spend the rest of his life with me!



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