Lazy Days Are All You Need

I’m having a super lazy day today, I woke at half 11 (which is super late for me lately) and have been watching TV since I got up. I was meant to travel home today, but between the weather in the last few days and me just not feeling up to it it was out of the question.

I have a strange obsession with food shows. So far today I have watched ‘Dinner Date’, ‘Man vs Food’ and I have been watching Friends for the last while because I’m waiting for ‘Come Dine With Me’ to come on.

All the while I have been thinking about my novel and how come Monday I’ll be writing it every night until it has finished. As you all possibly know by now, I am not going to finish it by my original deadline, but I will definitely have it finished by the summer! Then I will have the holidays to spend editing the first one.

I have a lot to do next week between essays, tests and appointments, but I am not going to let any of these things get in the way of my writing. I am determined to write everyday and get this done!

As well as that, my boyfriend will be starting back into his writing on Monday, that means that I will be writing at the same time as him. I work by routine in some senses, and if he’s writing and being creative it gives me more inspiration and drive to be the same.

Let’s hope I can actually stick to my word this time and finish this novel! It has had quite a long time to brew in my mind so hopefully, even though I don’t know what will happen, my brain will know what is happening!


10 thoughts on “Lazy Days Are All You Need

  1. Writing regimes. Hmmmm.
    I read that author Graham Greene used to write 500 words religiously every day. No more, no less.
    If he stuck to it , I have no idea. Such are the things urban legends are made of.
    So I tried it. Did I succeed? Not a chance. Two days I lasted.
    It is important that one doesn’t get OUT of the habit of writing, after all if like any profession you have to put in the hours as they say.

    Without trying to sound pompous fiction writing is an art form and relies heavily on imagination. You will find your thing, and when you do it will work for you.
    I love to watch movies about writers where I can relate. Make it fun and it will be. Oh and reads tons of stuff, too.

    1. I try to write 2,000 a day. My boyfriend is the same which keeps us both on track most of the time.
      I read a lot too. I love reading so much!
      I think I have a good enough imagination for the genre I’m writing in, I hope I do anyway.

      1. 2000 words! You are a machine. Now I am seriously jealous and will go off and sulk.
        I may hit that when I am on a roll, but to regularly turnover that amount daily. Phew….good for you! You must find writing a breeze. I wish I had half that stamina.

        Publishers dream you will be.

  2. The Ark bows his head and cringes.
    I have been in a funk for about four months to tell the truth. I have written seven novels but the one I am busy with – or rather not busy with is the sequel to the one recently published.
    I never thought I would hit that wall, but it isn’t fun. I have had plot issues before, but they have usually resolved themselves within a week or two. This is a bit like pulling teeth. Maybe I need a holiday?
    It”ll sort itself out. It always has done…
    Don’t you think about it, though. Just keep going.
    While the ideas flow write them down.

  3. I wish you all the luck in the world to finish you novel by summer 🙂 I hope you also have fun writing and editing when you get there!

      1. Nope, not at all! I had no idea where it was going and it was only half way through that I figured out how it was going to end, and even at that I still didn’t know what was going to happen in the middle!
        But writing everyday kept me thinking about it and kept the story growing in my mind!

      2. Okay yeah that’s probably what I’ll do. I find I get lost in outlines for anything longer than an essay or something like that. Good to know other people do the same thing!

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