Rain and Tea

I am an absolute sap. Some of you may know this already. Today though, I took this to the extreme and left the comfort, warmth and dryness of my home to travel over an hour away on a damp Dublin bus in the bucketing rain to see Mr. Cooke, because I knew I wouldn’t see him till Monday otherwise.

No, I’m not a sap, I’m just sad.

Anyway, we don’t need to discuss my obsessive personality and stalker-like attitude just yet.

When I got out there Mr. Cooke had a cup of tea and cheese toasties ready for me, and a hoodie. As any girl will know, your boyfriend’s hoodie is one of the single most amazing things on this planet, so I was quite happy to say the least.

We decided to watch a movie which is on our ‘Movies We Have To Watch Together’ list, Friends With Benefits. Now, for those of you who do not know, the gorgeous Milah Kunis is in this movie, she was there for my boyfriend. And Justin Timberlake was in it for me.

Yes, I do like Justin Timberlake, and it ain’t for the muscles- I’m one of those ‘eww, muscles… Gross’ kind of girls- it’s for his nerdiness, which as I have said before, nerdiness attracts me. But it has to be the right amount of nerdiness. Picky as hell, aren’t I?

Picky as hell is a really bad saying, I’m sure hell isn’t that picky about who comes in.

Anyway, as you can guess, sitting next to my boyfriend while Milah Kunis got naked and had an orgasm made me feel like shit. I ain’t no movie star!

HOWEVER thankfully, my boyfriend is realistic, and he knows that no one can really be like that in real life, and he makes me feel like I can actually be good looking.

I know this sounds ranty, and it probably is because I am very sleepy, but I know that this relationship is something serious, because whether I have my usual emo-eyeliner-and-mascara make-up on, or whether I have been done up by a professional, or I have just woken and most of my make up is on my cheeks, he doesn’t care. He still looks at me in the same way as he did the first day we met.

I’m probably getting all nostalgic because we are nearly a year together now and I have never been with someone as amazing as him, someone who accepts me entirely, and who I accept completely.

As he says (you can find his post on this-which is way better than my explanation- here), you know you’re truly in love when the only thing in your life which truly frustrates you is the one you’re in a relationship with.

(you can creep on my boyfriendΒ here!)



22 thoughts on “Rain and Tea

    1. I love chick flicks with a passion. But then, I am a girl! πŸ˜›
      My boyfriend loves them too though, which is extremely useful, because I hate watching chick flicks alone because I usually end up crying, and I just look weird crying in a room alone if anyone comes in.
      And yeah, she is frustratingly hot! I am quite jealous of her!

      1. She also speaks fluent english and russian, plus got to be all up in JT’s business to add to your jealousy.
        Yeah, I watch them on my own…guess that is probably worse :$

      2. Haha, it’s not that bad. I cry during the start, middle and end. I’m literally a crying machine for the whole thing. It’s quite awful like.
        And yeah, being with JT just pushed it too far! Made me EXTREMELY jealous πŸ˜›
        Nah, I’m not that bad.

      3. Just noticed the stalker part of your character…
        Ok that makes me feel a little less bad then. Hope you enjoy my blog also, hopefully it will brighten up soon, it is rather dreary currently.

      4. Don’t worry, I stalk a few people, I’m not that bad. And one of them is my boyfriend, so he doesn’t really count!
        I was reading through it there, and it still looks great! I’m glad I followed you. Thanks for following me actually.

      5. Haha, you are welcome. Stalking your boyfriend isn’t so bad I guess…maybe just taking a keen interest is a better way of putting it. Glad you like it as well. It is rather different from the current upbeat posts you do

      6. Yeah, I’m really happy at the moment! I’ll start posting angry posts all the time now from Monday onwards because I’ll be writing again, which means I’ll be in a mood if I don’t get my word count! XD
        And yeah, I don’t actually stalk people, its just a keen interest πŸ˜›

      7. read the tag anger or rage, or some of the stories I have written. I get dark, violent (never hit anyone, usually walls/boxes) and have some very twisted thoughts. My friends (male) are all bigger than me but I am strong so it takes a couple to restrain me if I completely lose it. But I am considerably more in control of it now, it just ends up in my head and I get sad.

      8. It does, but it is something I am very slowly trying to learn to cope with and improve upon, otherwise it will be self destructive. You’ve started following now, you will see soon enough!! (that sounds ominous, it isn’t meant to, I am just incredibly fluid)

      9. You too! I love waking up to comments πŸ™‚ I might not get many read tonight as I’m also meant to be studying for a test, but I will try to get as many as possible read πŸ˜€

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