100 Posts!

That’s right, I have annoyed all of you amazing people 100 times now!

Seriously, 100 posts is a lot. I didn’t even make it to 10 on any of my other Blogs!

As some of you know I am starting back to writing tomorrow, I am quite exhausted so this is just a short post, I will be posting many looooong exaggerated accounts of how badly/well my writing goes tomorrow!

Usual goal of 2,000 words. Let’s hope I can do it!


6 thoughts on “100 Posts!

  1. Congrats! Oh dear I see Stephen King’s gotten to you too, with his ‘write 2000 words a day’ rule. That’s like, pulp-fiction level writing. Take a break! You wrote 100 posts! Go celebrate with all your blog-buddies!

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately today is the day that I have to start writing! My writing partner and I decided on this day so I can’t let him down!
      And yep, Steven King has definitely gotten to me. Though I am writing a long series so writing this much a day is necessary to get the first few books done so that I know where I’m going with the rest of the story!
      Thank you for your post!

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