An Absolute Failure, but With Reason

I will talk about my writing in a minute, just allow me to tell you about my day yesterday first.

I woke at half 6 (yes, half 6 in the morning) and made my way to college. My boyfriend and I have this things where we don’t do Mondays, so as usual we just hang around college meeting up with people and eating. Sounds like a pretty good day, right? A nice relaxing day where I wandered around doing bits and bobs here, just waiting for the time to go home and write, right?


I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. I was at 6 in the evening and I didn’t have my laptop with me in college so I needed to wait until I got home to write. Grand, 6 o clock, 15 minutes with the doctor, home by 8 ish, enough time to get 2,000 words before bedtime without much of a strain, right?

Again, wrong.

My doctor also delivers babies (I’m not pregnant, just to let you guys know) and yesterday a woman went into premature labour, thus taking the doctor to the woman to deliver the baby, and moving all of his appointments that were on during the day to the same time as my appointment. As they were inconvenienced the most they got priority and I had to wait for them to be finished before I could go in.

It was understandable so I don’t mind. Though it was have 7 by the time I got in for my appointment and I ended up spending almost a half an hour with him because his original idea to make me better didn’t work and I am a ‘medical mystery’. Yaaaaay….

So I didn’t get home till around half nine, had to have a shower so I didn’t smell too bad for college and well, I had to sleep.

Now, you may notice that I have not yet mentioned my writing, that is because there was no writing done yesterday. I am ashamed!

Nah, I’m really not. Miranda (main character) will just have to wait till tonight!

And that she will, because I WILL be writing tonight!

Till then, goodbye!


4 thoughts on “An Absolute Failure, but With Reason

  1. Often a complete break or change of routine is enough to allow the batteries to recharge, the rubbish to empty, and new ideas to fill up the now free spaces.

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