All Ideas Welcome!

I am currently writing up an article about the way fashion these days have gone down and how we all look like sluts. (I say it a lot nicer than that, don’t worry)

I didn’t get a second article for this week so now I’m rushing trying to get this one done! I really have to get on top of this. I sweat next week I am giving out a million articles and making sure I don’t have to tress over finishing one the day after they are due anymore.

If any of you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not the world’s greatest editor ever.

If anyone has any good ideas for article I would seriously appreciate you commenting below and giving me a hand.

That’s right, that’s how badly I need help. So come on WordPress, help a fellow (even if shit) writer out!

Right, back to my rant of an article!

Hopefully I’ll write again later tonight, though I am going home to Carlow today, so don’t expect anything too amazing…. OR expect the most amazing post you have ever read!

High hopes?? Never!


5 thoughts on “All Ideas Welcome!

    1. Oh don’t worry, I look like a slut all the time, but it’s only because it’s allowed now! I’m not really giving out about it, more just making people aware of it!
      And thank you so much, I’ll take a look at it!

    1. Haha thank you! I am a big fan of my skinnies, but I must admit that they are incredibly difficult to get off. My boyfriend’s sister had to be cut out of hers before!
      We do take them to extremes.
      Thank you for your input!

  1. I don’t necessarily think that people look like sluts now…it’s just that we have more freedom with what we’re allowed to wear in public now than we did before and some take it to the extreme because they can. Whereas others are much more conservative about the way they dress. I think I’m a mix of the two, I can tone it way down and look really conservative, like I work in a high class office or something and other times I can look like a slut I guess…it all depends on when you see someone and the occasion they are dressed for I think.

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