Happy Days!

So today I had an amazing day. Like, the best day this week! I spent the whole day with Mr. Cooke, playing games on the x-box and watching my darling Friends, pizza and, well having him there obviously made it all the better!

I know this isn’t a really interesting post, but hey, gotta stick to the ‘post a day’ schtuff I agreed to! I have 28 minutes to post this before the day is out!

Soooo I will be writing a post tomorrow about ‘meeting the family’, as this is exactly what I will be doing on Sunday!

That’s right folks, that’s the awesomeness my Blog is gonna have tomorrow! And if you just can’t wait for it’s amazingness (I really hope you all know I’m joking) here is a picture of Patrick Star from Spongebob. I found it on the girl’s bathroom wall in the Arts Building in college.




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