Meeting the Family

Some of you may (or may not) know that I am an extremely shy little girl. This is quite a burden in general, but when you’re meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time, it really doesn’t help AT ALL.

Now, I have already met Mr. Cooke’s parents, and I love them! And they seem to like me a lot too, which is brilliant. I have also met his Grandparents, but tomorrow I have been invited to his Granda’s Birthday, at which the whole family will be. From my experience of meeting Mr. Cooke’s family and from my nerves which are causing my Chinese takeaway to make my stomach feel very heavy indeed, I have constructed the do’s and don’t’s of meeting the family.

1) Don’t  avoid conversation, curse or make any of the jokes your friends would laugh at. You’re meeting the family, ye aren’t mates yet!

2) Do try to find a bit out about your partner’s family before meeting them, trust me it will save a lot of confusion if you know names beforehand!

3) Don’t  go upstairs and jump on the bed. I know you’re giddy and excited that you and your partner have made it to this huge step, but from downstairs, they won’t see it as a happy bounce.

4) Do  eat if you want to. I know, we are all nervous in houses we’ve never been to before, but we all need to eat. Everyone knows that. And it’s not just you who can hear your stomach rumbling. We all can.

5) Don’t  correct someone if they give you the wrong name. You can always point it out in a few months, or your partner can when you’ve gone and you can all have a great laugh about it- even use it in the wedding speech! Odds are they know what they did and you will just cause awkward giggling and stuff if you point it out.

6) Do act like you like the person you’re going out with. You don’t have to sit on the other side of the room, they know you like them, it’s ok to show you’re into they’re kid!

7) Don’t  wear something overly slutty/stupid. Show your personality, sure, but guys; ye don’t have to look like Gaz from Geordie Shore, and girls; there will be a lot of mouth drops and stares if you wear something slutty, be warned.

8) Do  be nervous if you are nervous, it’s ok. The family will know how terrifying it is to meet the parent of the one you like/love. Think of it this way, they were married, even if they aren’t now they had to meet parents too! We all know how tough it can be!

9) Finally, Don’t  fart, kiss your partner, break anything, randomly break into song, get the giggles when no one else is laughing, refuse to talk, fall over, or insult anyone, especially not in a foreign language.

Don’t forget, this is all based on experience! Follow this and you’ll be graaaaand!


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