Ramblings of a Pirate

So I met the family, managing not to kill anyone, spill anything or walk into anyone. That right there is success people. I just ate a pizza and burnt my mouth to a crisp, but it’s all ok people!

You know why? I have popcorn. Not just any popcorn, but CHEESY popcorn. And Puzzle Pirates. Yes, I am still going on about this. I have been addicted to this little game ever since I wrote this little post here. I know this is quite a random post, but hey, that’s what happens when I don’t have much to tell you about.

You should all start playing Puzzle Pirates then we WordPressians shall pillage and win all the battles we face, gaining treasure and even owning penguins! This is my pirate:



I don’t look like this in real life, and I don’t have a penguin either. But just think of the fun you could have as a pirate like this!

I swear I’ll write something interesting soon!



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