Goals and Achievements Here I Come!

So after deciding to start back into my Blog today, it is literally all I have been able to think about since. I know, that is incredibly sad and at 20 years old I should really have more on my mind, but in fairness work today was dragged out hugely so all I had time to do was think.

I was also meant to start writing today, but got side tracked because when I got home my Step Dad asked me to help him do up a flyer for his counselling service. Obviously, I was gonna help him out. However, I still want to do something, so I’m going to draw out a Writing Map, and map out my progress for this month, what I hope to achieve in this one month and what I actually achieve.

Of course what you want to achieve and will actually achieve are two completely different things. I always under estimate myself to make sure that I hit an actual goal, though this isn’t always the best method because I get lazy and stick to the smaller goal when I can be reaching much higher.

Though, now that I am seriously trying to apply myself, and as there is an actual deadline for the applications for the masters I’m interested in I really have to be serious about my writing and stop slacking off and just forgetting about what I’m meant to be doing. I’ll have my map done out before the end of the day, and then I’ll know exactly where I’ll be starting with my writing over the next week.

I have a few side projects at the moment, some I can talk about and some I can’t, but they will also be keeping me busy both in the lead up to and during my next year of college. Between all of this I am just after moving out with my friend, Samantha.

It is going to be one amazing, hectic year!


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