Libraries and Obstacles

Soooo today was a pretty hectic day. When I woke up my Mother informed me that I had an hour and a half to eat, have a shower, get both myself and my younger brother ready and have loads of pictures from a cousin’s wedding recently printed off. I was stumped, but managed to get everything done in time for when she came back from a walk with our dog, Shaggy.

Once we dropped my brother off at his friends house and after a two hour chat with his Mom, we finally made it to the library where I needed to relight my membership candle and rejoin, then borrow 6 books- all which need to be read before college starts on the 9th of September… Well one of those books is just for my own personal reading and not really for college… But my Mom doesn’t need to know that!

There were many obstacles between then and a party I had to go to for my cousin’s two year old, and finally I have just arrived home. I am not letting this get in between me and my writing though. I have just printed off the first draft of my short story and will be reading over it and making changes to it while I do, then the rewrite tomorrow.

After tomorrow I will have a better idea of how much longer it will take me to finish this short story and when will be an appropriate time to leave it for a new project, then come back to.

I think I know what my next writing project will be, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be writing a lot of book reviews this year it seems as I will be reading so much, but I sure you all won’t mind- hell they’re on college courses so they gotta be good!

I’ll check in again tomorrow and let you all know how the editing goes! Goodnight all!


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