Vegan Vegetable Korma

I know what you’re thinking- do I eat anything other than various types of curries?!

The answer is yes, but since becoming vegan one pot curries have become my best friend.

I am really thankful for this, because when I’m back in the classroom in a week’s time I won’t have the same amount of time to cook as I do during the summer. I feel like I am acquiring a well-stocked freezer of home-made dinners ready-to-go when work has caused longer days, and less time at home.

This vegan vegetable korma is definitely going to be added to this list. Mr. Cooke and I love an Indian takeaway as much as the next Irish civilian, and I was worried that takeaways would be few and far between on this diet.

vegan living magazine

However, this recipe is actually better tasting than the takeaways and is more filling, and my body doesn’t feel as awful as it usually does after eating a takeaway.

The recipe we have used for this dinner can be found in this month’s issue of Vegan Living Magazine in a handy little section titled Family Favorites. This magazine has lots of useful information for anyone who is unsure of vegan products or who needs a few new recipes to add new flavors to their weekly menu.


Addiction, I’ve Finally Reached It.

I don’t mean addiction to sex, drugs or alcohol. Oh no, I am now addicted to a Pirate game on the internet. It’s one of those games that somehow manages to steal your brain and makes you obsess over everything like Farmville or one of those games.

I have spent the last few hours- yes hours– playing this game. My eyes feel like they are melting and my brain is slightly numb, yet I still want to go back to it.

I know I have written before about how my love for games was growing, but I never thought I’d be able to spend longer on any game than I would have on Sims at any one time. But I was wrong. I know for a fact that this is what I’ll be doing tomorrow too.

Though I do have a lot to do tomorrow too, so hopefully it won’t captivate me for too long, or perhaps not before I get my work done! Maybe I should just stay away from my laptop altogether…


Like that will ever happen.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?

I have a craving for hot chocolate, chipper chips, coke, and pasta all at once. Sitting here, letting my thoughts roam is not a good thing for me to do, but that ain’t stopping me!

I have a question to ask any of you who have lasted this long in this post, have any of you got any simple recipes for me? I know this is random, but I have a sudden need to cook. A lot. So any simple recipes (starter, main or desert) would be hugely appreciated!

Maybe it’s all the food shows I was watching today, but who knows?!

Thank you all!

Rain and Tea

I am an absolute sap. Some of you may know this already. Today though, I took this to the extreme and left the comfort, warmth and dryness of my home to travel over an hour away on a damp Dublin bus in the bucketing rain to see Mr. Cooke, because I knew I wouldn’t see him till Monday otherwise.

No, I’m not a sap, I’m just sad.

Anyway, we don’t need to discuss my obsessive personality and stalker-like attitude just yet.

When I got out there Mr. Cooke had a cup of tea and cheese toasties ready for me, and a hoodie. As any girl will know, your boyfriend’s hoodie is one of the single most amazing things on this planet, so I was quite happy to say the least.

We decided to watch a movie which is on our ‘Movies We Have To Watch Together’ list, Friends With Benefits. Now, for those of you who do not know, the gorgeous Milah Kunis is in this movie, she was there for my boyfriend. And Justin Timberlake was in it for me.

Yes, I do like Justin Timberlake, and it ain’t for the muscles- I’m one of those ‘eww, muscles… Gross’ kind of girls- it’s for his nerdiness, which as I have said before, nerdiness attracts me. But it has to be the right amount of nerdiness. Picky as hell, aren’t I?

Picky as hell is a really bad saying, I’m sure hell isn’t that picky about who comes in.

Anyway, as you can guess, sitting next to my boyfriend while Milah Kunis got naked and had an orgasm made me feel like shit. I ain’t no movie star!

HOWEVER thankfully, my boyfriend is realistic, and he knows that no one can really be like that in real life, and he makes me feel like I can actually be good looking.

I know this sounds ranty, and it probably is because I am very sleepy, but I know that this relationship is something serious, because whether I have my usual emo-eyeliner-and-mascara make-up on, or whether I have been done up by a professional, or I have just woken and most of my make up is on my cheeks, he doesn’t care. He still looks at me in the same way as he did the first day we met.

I’m probably getting all nostalgic because we are nearly a year together now and I have never been with someone as amazing as him, someone who accepts me entirely, and who I accept completely.

As he says (you can find his post on this-which is way better than my explanation- here), you know you’re truly in love when the only thing in your life which truly frustrates you is the one you’re in a relationship with.

(you can creep on my boyfriend here!)


This Trip is Going to Save My Nails.

I was going to take a picture of my own nails for this post to show what a poor state they are in, but it is surprisingly hard to take a picture of your own hands… While taking the picture. Especially when you are as useless with cameras as I am. So instead, this is what I found:

To the point of this post, I have a sneaky feeling that I am going to come back from the (stupid) Gaeltacht with AMAZING nails. This is quite big. I might even treat myself to actual nail polish.

I know, I really go full out, don’t I?

So far through my teens I have tried to give up biting my nails many, many times. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I failed drastically, but no matter how well I did I always went back to biting them. Whether it was a sad moment in a movie that I had to try to chew my way through, having eaten all my popcorn, or an extremely stressful week; I ALWAYS went back to snacking on my hand.

However, for that short week I had nails I would paint them in drastic colours: neon blue to bright red to green. I thought I was cool. I really wasn’t. Thank God for my emo phase that ensured only black nail polish for the short occasions I did have nails.

Even when I pause to think about what I’m going to write next I BITE MY NAILS! I know it’s a disgusting habit, and I have tried all the awful polishes and everything to try to stop, but I just licked it all off or washed my hands until the taste was gone.

This is literally like an addiction with the lengths I went through to bite them.

SO in conclusion, I feel that I will not have enough time to bite my nails in the Gaeltacht. At least I’m hoping so. I am going to take it upon myself to come back with damn sexy nails, like THESE:

These are possibly fake (I don’t know much about nails) but this is what I aim to achieve.

I’ll let you know how badly I fail this time when I’m back, and if I magically succeed, then I will tell you about that!

Oh, as I will be putting this on every post from now till I’m back please read here why I will not be replying to anyone (no, I am not a mean person). Go on, I dare you to take a look. Right here. Dare, you have to look at it now!

So, good bye for now. I hope ye all have an amazing week!!!


So today I have noticed that I have never once posted about any of my obsessions. Sadly, this is not a post to introduce them into my regular posting, but more an experiment type-of-thing.

I have been obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED) with a little old band called Green Day for 7 years now. I fell in love with them when I was a ‘I don’t care about anyone or anything’ emo little moany teenager and since then I have stuck to them, more out of faithfulness than anything else.

However it is only in the past year really that I have become out-of-trend with the band. I have noticed this over the last few years, whenever I have a boyfriend suddenly my love and infatuation with the lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong declines dramatically, it’s like he’s my transition stage for whenever I don’t have a main guy in my life.

As you all know, I do have a boyfriend at the moment, Mr. Seán, and I don’t think we will be breaking up any time soon. BUT as I cannot test with not having a boyfriend, I am going to test how my obsession grows as the date of a concert I’m going to in June nears. My Dad bought me tickets to see Green day in London, which obviously is amazing! So, I have taken it upon myself to see how bad I get in the next few months at the thought of seeing Mr. Armstrong live again.

I have a very obsessive personality and can become obsessed with something very easily, Benedict Cumberbatch for example. I feel sorry for Sean if theis experiment turns out the way I think it will- you never know, I might end up with no boyfriend by the end of it and left to enjoy my Green Day alone!