So here I am

And here I stay. I am trying desperately to write lesson plans for my final three weeks of teaching practice, but after 2 weeks holidays and 7 weeks of constant Teaching placement before that, I feel I have lost my flow.

What do you do when you know you’re procrastinating?

How do you get back into the swing of things?

Let me know. I need assistance!


Just Go with the Flow!

My boyfriend hates it when I say this, especially as it has become one of my most-used phrases! However it is something I seem to go by, whether its waiting around for something good to happen or whether its my writing, going with the flow just seems to work!

I have always been extremely lazy and I am a professional procrastinator. I just don’t do things.

School work: please, I could get by without homework

Reading for College: only need a few for the exam which are usually easy to flick through the day before the exam, so why bother?

Pay me Fees: sure, I’m always online, but I’m always doing such important things… y’know?

Exercise: ha! I wouldn’t even walk down the stairs. I usually slide down the bannister.

Hey Charlotte, there’s a shop you really need to go to right there and we’re doing nothing, wanna go in and do what you need to do?: Nah, I’ll do it tomorrow. Not bothered today.

These are a few of the major examples of me being an ultimate procrastinator and all-in-all an extremely lazy little girl.

Thank God I have a fast metabolism.

Soooo as you can guess (and possibly know) my writing suffers hugely due to this personality flaw. HOWEVER I have never really tried to fix this, and you know why?

Because everything always works out in the end, and even if it doesn’t, everything happens for a reason. I am no philosopher or anything, but I truly believe that.

On one of the award posts I had to answer the question ‘Would you go back and change any events in your life?‘ and I know that I honestly wouldn’t change anything about my life before this moment. Everything that I have done has brought me here and has brought different things and people into my life. I am the happiest I have ever been, literally, and had you asked me 2 years ago whether or not I would change things, I would have gone back to the day of my birth and changed so much that I would be unrecognisable.

So, my little piece of advice to day is not to think about how thing could have been, would have been, will be, JUST GO WITH THE FLOW!