Why is this site still getting views?

So I have a different blog now that I am actually far more active on. I left this blog behind because I thought that I needed a new start.

Yet this blog is still getting views…

Why is that?

Is it that the tags really do work?

Did I write something that registered well with people out there?

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I get even 20 views a day. But the fact that I still get views and my last post was over two years ago, that astounds me.

Can anyone explain to me why this is?



Someone, PLEASE explain to me…

Would someone out there please please PLEASE be kind enough to tell me WHY this particular Blog post I wrote over 8 months ago gets hits every day?
I’m pretty sure it is just a rambly post.
People don’t really search showers that much…. Do they?

Would someone out there please please PLEASE be kind enough to tell me WHY this particular Blog post I wrote over 8 months ago gets hits every day? I’m pretty sure it is just a rambly post. People don’t really search showers that much…. Do they?

Feelin’ Good After the Summer

Sooooo something I did not post about last time was how much everything has changed for me since I last posted regularly on this Blog. I feel it’s better to tell you all through one post instead of any of you who remember me being confused when I mention things I would never have mentioned before.

I have also managed to reach a few goals of mine in the process of the summer (not many, so don’t get your hopes up that this will be super inspirational!) which I may as well list here too.

1) I got a job and have kept it! That’s right I am officially moving up in the world of experience and work. Not much as I only get 4-9 hours a week, but it’s still something! My name is Charlotte, I have been working in a hotel as a waitress since May, and I have only broken one glass so far!

2) I have moved out. This one is pretty huge. I have been needing a place of my own for a very long time now (almost two years) and now I finally have one! Now, I will miss my Grandparents, whom I had been living with these past two years while I attended college, but they are only a short walk and a bus ride away so I’ll be seeing plenty of them!

3) I made it into my third year of college. I don’t know how, as one of the nights before the test I distinctly remember honestly never having heard the names of any of the authors I was to write an essay on the next day, but I managed!

4) I managed to hold onto Mr. Cooke. Some of you may remember my boyfriend from his constant reference in my Blog, and we have managed to stay together for a whole other summer despite living in two completely different counties (whoop!). I know it’s sappy, but this is the most important thing I’ve managed to do all summer!

5) I did not get fat off all my baking.

6) I’ve only gotten obsessed with one thing over the summer… and that being Farmville I am proud to say I have kicked the addiction.

7) …. Wow… I am an awful person… That’s all I’ve done this summer!

Well there ya have it, any updates which have taken place, they are all mentioned above!

Hello There, Old Friend!

I don’t know if any of you remember me, but I have a few posts on this site and a few people who used to read my stuff and comment on my Blog! I know I have’t posted all summer, but I swear there’s a good reason!

Well.. If you count having no real internet at all as a reason. Also, I was trying a new Blog out which didn’t work out because I missed talking to the people I had already met here! So, I am coming back to this Blog, with my tail between my legs knowing I was terribly wrong to leave you. I’m sorry, and I promise I will never do anything like that again!

I’m going to start a few newer posts of a different nature than they were before the summer on this Blog, however I do still want to update about writing and all that jazz. I am starting back at writing tomorrow as I only have 7 months to get my portfolio together for the Creative Writing Masters I want to get into! So some serious writing needs to be done!

Though, as I said, I have a few ideas to spice this Blog up and to get back into writing in it daily! Let’s hope this goes well people!



Happy Days!

So today I had an amazing day. Like, the best day this week! I spent the whole day with Mr. Cooke, playing games on the x-box and watching my darling Friends, pizza and, well having him there obviously made it all the better!

I know this isn’t a really interesting post, but hey, gotta stick to the ‘post a day’ schtuff I agreed to! I have 28 minutes to post this before the day is out!

Soooo I will be writing a post tomorrow about ‘meeting the family’, as this is exactly what I will be doing on Sunday!

That’s right folks, that’s the awesomeness my Blog is gonna have tomorrow! And if you just can’t wait for it’s amazingness (I really hope you all know I’m joking) here is a picture of Patrick Star from Spongebob. I found it on the girl’s bathroom wall in the Arts Building in college.



I Really Should Start Studying…

So after yesterday’s post where I spoke about my newly found Competitive Streak I somehow managed to get a new follower (hello new follower!) and surpassed my old ‘most views per day’ number. You guys are making it hard for me to get rid of the new competitive Charlotte!

I don’t mind though, really- I love seeing the notifications icon glow orange, it genuinely makes me excited and heats my body with happiness. That could be because I associate the colour orange with fire, but I’m going to say that it’s because I feel warm inside by the amount of people who actually read my Blog!

Now, I have openly admitted in the past how my Blog is not the most exciting thing in the world- but I am actually planning on making it better!

I have no idea how yet… Well, I have a few small ideas, like writing about things other than writing, which is a slightly obvious option, but it’s a start at least!

One other thing I meant to mention earlier than this is that I am aiming to read thirty books this year. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but with college, writing and hopefully soon a job it will keep me on my toes! I have read 6 books so far this year, so I’m planning on writing a post about that too and keeping you all up to date with the various books I’ve been reading- I started Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet, so at least I have a super great book to tell you about when I finish it!

I would hugely appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what you would want to see in a Blog, my Blog to be exact, that you comment below! I know that seems like a lazy way out just to ask people what they want, but as I’m sure you all know, you never know till you ask!

NOW I really do have to start studying. Otherwise I’ll never get into third year! I’ll update later about my writing hopefully, 2,500 aim again today, will make sure I get it before my week in college begins tomorrow morning!

Competitive Streak

I never thought of myself as a competitive person. Not once did I think that I would ever understand why my family would shout at the TV when a particular rugby match was on or why they would often have long debates over who’s team was better.

I was never sporty- and I never will be sporty. I don’t have that get-up-and-go attitude that athletes seem to have. I never regretted this, I was happy skipping sport in school and hanging around in various classrooms until it was safe for me to come out without someone throwing a ball at me. I was proud that I never gave into this particular trait- being competitive. I didn’t need it, and I was glad tat I could get by without it.

However, WordPress has brought out my competitive side. And I mean REALLY brought out my competitive side. At first I was happy with just writing and getting no love in return. This blog was doing its job. I made it to keep me writing and to keep my inspiration alive, which it has done brilliantly!

Then I got my first like.

I was surprised to say the least. I didn’t think I was able to use WordPress properly, so finding out the my blog was actually accessible to others made me extremely happy. I wanted more.

I continued writing about the journey I was taking with the first draft of my novel and this seemed to appeal to people.

People started following me.

Shit, now people might actually have been reading what I was saying. I’m not going to sugar coat it- my blog is not really that interesting. It literally only has updates about my writing and occasional rants like this one. What the hell was I going to write about now?! I don’t know what people liked or why they started following me in the first place!

Then my boyfriend joined WordPress, and as I had expected is doing a million times better than me. Even with a month ahead of him he has managed to catch up and me and leave me far behind in the dust!

I was surprised to find how much this… irked me. Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but I forget that other people can see how good he is and forgot just how much better he would be doing than me!

Then he named what was going on- I was starting to get competitive. This has been coming out more and more as the weeks have passed. When we played Yu-Gi-Oh the other day, and I had to win. And I mean had to win. He claims I cheated, I will never admit to cheating! But there was some foul play and I did end up winning.

I don’t like feeling competitive, and so I have decided to try not to care about how many followers or views I get in a day.

Yeah, I know that isn’t going to last, but we’ll see!

Alternatively you can leave your tips on how to get more followers! Would be greatly appreciated from a newly competitive young woman who has tasted winning and really liked it!

Maybe I’ll surprise myself and start meditating to treat my new problem and end up a cool indie- hippy person who sees the world as a happy place and sees no need for anyone to compete against one another, thus making my blog an instant success and the whole thing will start all over!