And I am Back!

I can’t believe it, but on my first day back at writing after a summer long break I have reached a very good word count! I am incredibly happy with what I have written today and can’t wait to go back to it tomorrow to look at how I did and how I can change it!

As you may know I was writing a short story that’s been on my mind for some time now. Though I didn’t realise just how short my story was going to be, I’m thrilled that I’ve finally taken to writing it down!

Today my goal was 2,000 words as it always has been, and I managed to reach

ss 1 day 1


I know I’m a bit off the 2,000 mark, but I honestly don’t mind at all! I am just so happy to have written when I was so sure I wouldn’t be ab;e to write anything at all when I got down to it.

As usual there was an awful lot of procrastination and desperate attempts to throw myself down the stairs to get out of starting back into it, but now that I have I am thrilled!

I would post my short story here, but as I’m not sure about how strict the college is on what you do and don’t use for your portfolio and what counts as being published I’m not going to take that chance. Though I will try to put some other short stories and things up as I decide that they are not good enough for my portfolio, and you guys can all slate the bajaysus out of them and help me to become a better writer!

However, now I stand a new challenge; as my short story seems to be taking considerably less time than I had originally thought, I need to decide on what novel I want to work on next.

I have a few ideas in mind, one werewolf, one vampire, one mythical and one dystopian. Each of these is as little planned out as the other, I would seriously appreciate any help, PLEASE comment on what you think I should write, I would really love to hear what you all think! Thank you!!


5 Ways To Create A Writing Routine (Guest Post)

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While Lottie, C., or whatever she’s calling herself is away for the week, she asked me to come in and write a guest post for her. I am her lovable  dashing, charismatic and undeniably godlike boyfriend, to be extremely modest. Much like her, I write novels. I have recently finished a first draft of a thriller and am now working my way through a young-adult fantasy.

Like most people, I struggled for a long time to develop a writing routine. I’ve created stories since I could learn to write, and before that I just manufactured them out of Lego blocks. Now that I’m of an age where I need to get a real job, and I’m failing to do so, I’ve decided to have a proper go at my writing. So, with a hardened fist, I forced myself into a routine.

It’s certainly not easy and it’s often anything but fun, but the results really show and lift your spirit. Here’s 5 ways to develop your routine:


1) Set Aside Time Just For Writing

Seems simple, right? It’s not.

I have no kids. I’m currently unemployed. In truth, I’m at the prime time in my life for having writing time.  Yet I still find myself struggling to “find” time to write. It’s there, I just ignore it.

The way around this is to set a time to write and stick to it. Pick an hour in the day and say that’s when you’re going to write. Let everyone know it. Let everyone know you’re not to be disturbed. Don’t make it an option, make it a fact of life.

The more and more you stick to this hour, and you must stick to it ruthlessly, the easier your words will come to you and the quicker you build up a routine. For each successive day you write, the job gets easier and easier. It suddenly becomes a must. You’ll get to the point where, come your writing hour, you HAVE to do it. If you don’t, you feel wrong.


2) No Distractions

During your writing time, remove all distractions.

If you must, turn off the internet. If you can’t unplug the entire thing, turn it off on your laptop, computer or blue-tooth enabled typewriter.

Turn the phone off. Even better, put it in another room and turn it off.

Face a wall. Don’t let a window distract you. Don’t let the TV distract you. Don’t even let adorable cat posters distract you. Find a spot where you won’t be distracted and stick to it. Much like the previous point, you’ll soon find yourself ignoring distractions. At the end of the day, you need to write.


3) One Project Only

If you’re going to commit to your novel, play, poetry or whatever, you have to really commit. Make that project become your world. If another idea distracts you, write it down. Then shove it in a drawer and don’t look back until this project is done.

Here’s the brutal truth: You will hate what you’re writing. You will always hit points where you want to throw it down the stairs, points where you’re convinced it’s the single worst thing you’ve ever written. Here’s the nice truth: it’s not. This is just the way a writer’s mind works. We assume we’re crap.

Speaking of which…


4) Allow Yourself To Be Crap

First drafts suck. Yet another brutal fact of life.

Got that? They suck. Your first draft is pathetic. Nobody will enjoy reading it. Sure, there will be flashes of talent, but it’s mostly useless. Okay, now suck it up. Accept that it’s crap. And now go roll around in that crap.

A lot of writer’s get bogged down with their writing and edit as they go along. This works for some, but fails for most. If you can turn off your inner-editor and just write, you’ll fly through your first draft. At the end of the day, it’s editing where the true craft comes into play. Your first draft is just getting the bones and plot down.

So allow yourself to suck. And suck you shall!


5) Break Every Single One Of These Rules

Sometimes you need to break routine. Maybe you want to write at a different hour. Maybe you want a day off completely. Or a weekend. Or a week! I certainly took routine breaks writing my novel, and it helps for the better.

Want to be distracted by the TV one night a week? Go ahead!

Want to slowly add to your poem collection while writing the epic fantasy series? Rhyme those words!

Want to edit every last word you wrote last night, because you know it’s complete and utter crap? Be my guest!

The most important thing to having a routine is breaking it now and then. You will need to refresh your batteries. You will need to keep things flexible and interesting, otherwise you’re just becoming an emotionless robot of productivity. Enjoy your writing and remember that you’re writing for that joy, not for productivity.


So there you have it, five simple and efficient ways to increase your productivity and develop a writing routine. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it! Feel free to comment below and both I and Lottie will respond to them as best we can!

If you liked this post, my style, or want to read more writing and blogging tips, along with updates on my own writing, feel free to follow my blog here.

Am I the Only One Who Had a Crush on Gordo?

I found this meme the other day:

I never liked Ethan….

My God he annoyed me!

No, I like him:

I always went for the weird kids. Always.

I have no idea why. Maybe I’m just a huge nerd (which I have been realising is more than true lately).

I always wanted to be a nerd. I wanted to go home and play on the Play Station all day (90’s kids… No x-boxes where I’m from!), I desperately wanted a Gameboy, I played Yu-Gi-Oh, crushed on half of the main characters of cartoon character such as Ash from Pokemon, the Pharaoh from Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto from the same series.

I played with Bayblades before they were cool, I even had my star blade who would crush anyone who tried to defeat me, but alas I was not a nerd.

I was just a girl who wanted to be a nerd, but wouldn’t allow herself- or maybe it was my Mom, I was never sure. My room was pink and girly, I needed my teddies at night or I wouldn’t sleep, though I always wanted to play in my Grandparent’s bog, make mud pies, go on adventures in the dirtiest and most disgusting places I could find, not understanding why we weren’t allowed in the sewers and going anyway- take all that away and I still loved my Barbies.

THIS was the ultimate toy of my childhood

I loved her. She was like my Woody. I brought her everywhere.

The sad thing is that I don’t know where she is now.

It’s odd though, that even though I would give anything to be out with all of my cousins and play in the leaves, lose my wellies in sinky sand, only coming in to ask for the thousandth time how to get rid of a nettle sting, I would still be able to sit down for an afternoon with a book and completely ignore their pleas for me to go outside.

That is the power of a good book, even if you are going to your grandparent’s house and your friends are begging you to come out and play, you refuse because you need to know how the book ends, or what happens to your favourite character.

I lost many days in the bogs and fields with my cousins to books, and I wouldn’t change that for the world!

(The post I told ye all I would be posting everywhere is here!)

Books, I Rather Them, But…

I am not an e-reader kinda girl. I love me a great big book, I love the feeling of the pages, the excitement of turning a page, the smell of the books…

I just really love books, ok?

So, I went through all the books I have in my Granny’s house to date. All of them. I did tell you guys I’d give you a list of the books I’ve read so far this year, so here they are:

1) The Trouble With Weddings

2) Blood Beast

3) Death’s Shadow

4) Wolf Island

5) Dark Callings

6) Hell’s Heroes

7) Pandemonium

8) Sherlock Holmes, a Study in Scarlet

At the moment I am reading The Golden Compass. But it’s one of those 3-in-1 books.


This book is enormous. Like really. I have stopped taking my laptop to college it’s so heavy.

There’s over 1,000 pages in it (don’t keep me to that, it’s in my bag and I’m not bothered taking it out to count the pages!

So, even though I do seriously LOVE books, it’s a bit of a pain sometimes when you’re close to breaking your back it’s so heavy!

But in this case it’s worth it; I really love this series, I only read the first one because it was on my course in first year, so I have started them all over again. I really do love them! Pullman is quite the genius!

Writing on my Mind

Now that I haven’t written for a while because of these damned essays, I am starting to miss it an awful lot, and going without it for another week is going to be extremely tough.

I’m even considering writing it long-handed while I’m in the Gaeltacht. At least it would be something. And then I might even have a chapter finished by the end of the week.

I don’t know how much time I’ll have during the day or during our spare time to do this though. BUT being super positive, I’ll try to find time every day just to get a few words down.

It will only take a little while to type it all up I’d say and I have the Monday after I come home off college so I will have loads of time to type it up!

I may be slow at typing, but there probably won’t be much to type up by then!

I have my last essay for my English modules to write today, but I’m finding it hard to just start getting it done. It’s also for a module I find incredibly boring!

I’ll start it soon enough though, get it all out of the way!


Sugar and Caffeine

I am so high on Coke (the liquid, I ain’t no druggie) that I can barely type this. My attempt at cutting my steak at dinner tonight was like something from The Simpsons, where they saw at heir food but to no prevail.

HOWEVER I have finished my essay.


I have finished extremely early today- I think it’s because I really do love this subject and the play was so interesting. I was nervous about doing a scene analysis but it turned out to be quite enjoyable! Tomorrow’s essay though…. Well let’s not talk about that right now. T.S Elliot’s The Wasteland. That’s all I’m gonna say.

One of my friends said something to me today that I never thought I would hear:



This was sent to me on Facebook. Those of you who read my Blog will probably know by now that I am insanely disorganised and if any of you have ever seen my room (if you have that’s kinda creepy and you really shouldn’t be there. But as you’re there anyway, would you mind picking a few things off the floor for me?) it is quite horribly messy and more or less like someone put a pipe bomb in my wardrobe open to see what the most odd and random places my clothes could land.

Yes that means my clothes have ended up on the light on my ceiling. I was drunk. It happens!

So yes, this statement really made me laugh. So much so that I shared it with you guys!

Allllso, I was gonna say that I know I have not been writing at all lately, but I have a plan!

I’m going to the Gaeltacht (Irish college where we all speak Irish all the time) from Sunday to next Saturday. By the time I come back I will only have one essay left and that means that I will be a free woman to write to my heart’s content!

So yes, expect a lot of writing after my insanely Irish lovin’ Gaeltacht experience- gonna be back before St. Patrick’s Day and all- all Irish next week will be!

Good night WordPress. Let’s hope this caffeine and sugar wears off soon and my foot stops tapping!

A General Update

No too sure where I’m going with this post, but we’ll see where it goes.

I felt like I should write one as I haven’t for some time. Partially because of essays in college and partially because of my lack of internet this weekend!

Somehow I am still magically getting views even though I haven’t put anything up in a while- thank you to whoever is visiting my page!

I promise that from now on it will be far more interesting and I will figure out how I am going to do this while taking a break from my essays! I have a few posts I’ve been meaning to write, so they will be up soon!

Soooooo that’s pretty much it for my mini update!

I will talk to you all tomorrow through a much more interesting post!