Finally more in tune with the world

So I have gotten an iPod for Chridtmas. Words cannot explain how excited I am about this!!
And so, WordPress, it will be much harder for you to get rid of me!



Ah Christmas

So, I didn’t really expect to leave the house at all today, but then I realised I had forgotten to buy a few presents! So I ended up nowhere near my laptop until now. Sorry guys, no writing update today because of some drowsy meds I had to take! Enjoy your day- TWO MORE SLEEPS!!!!!

Christmas TV

Why, oh why did I choose today to attempt to go back to writing? Was I not aware that it is the week leading up to Christmas? Lord knows all great shows come out during the run up to Christmas! Between movies, marathons and Christmas specials it feels like the whole TV end of the world is completely against me writing!

Not only is there a Friends AND Catfish ‘the most shocking moments’ marathon on, but we also have a Christmas movie channel. It physically hurts thinking that I need to turn the TV off and turn to a blank document and try to make sense of how the hell I’m going to start this bloody novel!

This always happens. I am positive for weeks beforehand that I know what I want to write about, how to start it and where I’m going with it. Then the day like today comes and I find myself staring at my laptop screen, willing my fingers to type… anything… ANYTHING AT ALL!

Though there is one positive about starting to write today, and that is that tomorrow I won’t be staring at a blank screen anymore, I will be picking up where I left off and finally back on the writing path and walking- slowly but surely- to my destination- finished novel!!

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to start, but I have my idea, so I guess I just have to work from there. This novel is going to be set in Ireland, which is a new thing for me, as I usually try to set them in America. This one is going to be home grown though! Which might actually help because I won’t be focusing on a system I don’t know that well.

Well I’ll keep my Blog updated, and we’ll see where this novel goes! Hopefully I’ll do well enough with it, but at the end of the day it is just a first draft! Enjoy your day people!

Back to Reality.

Back to Reality.

I have finally returned from Carlow to Dublin, which means that I now have internet good enough to actually use again!! Which also means that I can update on my writing (That’s right, I didn’t just stop writing and forget about my goal, I kept going through Christmas!)
Believe it or not it was incredibly hard to write for ages during the holidays, and I wasn’t able to until after Christmas when my boyfriend told me that he had written over 20,000 words during the break (which he hadn’t) to get me writing. The genius. It worked and I was back writing within a day or two of hearing this.
So, this is my current word count, haven’t written the last few days as I have been chillin’ but as you can see, I have actually been doing a bit, which is good!
I now know that I will be finished within the next few days- give it 10,000 more words and it should be done and dusted! (till editing). I also have my next project idea, which is great! I’ll write a post about that later on.
So, that’s my update for now, hope y’all had a great Christmas, and I promise to be posting for the next aaaaaaaages now that I have the internet again!



As I am sick today, when I logged on to see snow falling on my laptop screen I was gonna call for a doctor, but thankfully I realised that it was just WordPress being festive. Go WordPress!

I am one of those people who loves Christmas. I don’t mean in a ‘oh, you know Christmas is such a nice time of year,’ no, I mean in a ‘oh my God I love Christmas, I must drag everyone I know to every Christmas display in the whole of Dublin and make sure they all understand why it is amazing!’

The video I have posted actually made me tear when I saw it yesterday. This could also be because I’m a sap and cry at everything, but the fact that they are snowmen just made the whole thing more emotional. See, I really am a sap. And obsessed with Christmas.

My poor boyfriend did not know this about me when he first met me, or when he got with me. We met around this time last year, and I managed to hide it from him (trying desperately not to freak him out on our first ‘official’ meeting), but now that we have been together a good while and he’s pretty much stuck with me I can Christmas-it-up BIG TIME.

I have dragged him to so many windows and into shops which I know will have big Christmas arrangements and we have literally looked at every single piece of decoration in sight. Thankfully, he knows how ridiculously weird and giddy I can be, and so he has gotten used to me stopping at every fake-snowy window and perusing through all of the shopping centres just to see the lights. He also doesn’t even mind staying out late to see the lights lighting up!

And so, I am extremely happy that my (material) Christmas obsession will not be frowned upon by someone who has to spend so much time with me!