Let’s get down to business

I originally set this blog up so that I could keep on track with my writing. And it really did fulfill its purpose as I did complete the first draft of my first ever novel.

‘But what happened after that?’ I hear a distant thought in your mind whisper.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I came out of college thinking I would take a year off to find myself and my writing ability. I panicked and now I’m nearly finished my Masters in Primary Education.

Big change, right?

Now I’m lucky that I have found an extreme passion and love within myself for teaching. I love it with all my heart and I live for the day that I have a classroom of my own.

However, the brave side of me, the rebel still wonders whether I would have a shot at publishing a piece of work or not.


So for now, I am writing small bits, small amounts- for me.

This is something that I am really enjoying at the minute.

It will be interesting to see whether or not anything comes out of it-maybe it is purely a way of avoiding my thesis- who knows?

And who cares, really.

But let’s see whether or not this blog helps me back into that state of mind where I wrote 2,000 words every night without fail!

One can only dream!



Home and Damn Excited

While on holiday I got to have a proper chat with Mr. Cooke about where I am in the writing mind set at the moment. The answer is very unclear as I have no idea what novel I want to write. There are a few things going around in my head, making it very difficult to narrow down my decision.

Therefore I am starting with a short story that has been on my mind for quite a few weeks now. And it being a short story it should take no more than a week or two to get it exactly right. And with this one the writing has to be sneaky, descriptive and will be really fun and interesting to phrase. Short stories depend on the phrasing and how you depict the characters, and then how they actually are. Right?

I’m pretty sure that’s a good way to start with the writing of my short story, but we’ll have to see as I haven’t written a short story in a few years- not since my Leaving Certificate exams. And that was two years ago at least now.

I think once I have something finished, something I have written in front of me, it will give me incentive to start back at my writing and will help with the writer’s block I seem to have. I know they say ‘just write when you have writer’s block’, but what do you do when you have so many things you want to write that you can’t start any of them?

Well, this is my home-made antidote to writer’s block: short stories. Having something small, definite and finished will be a huge achievement when writing has become so difficult. I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow, I’m hoping for my past usual of 2,000 words a day at least from now onwards. We will see how that goes….

But lets have faith for now and hope that I stick to this… No… I KNOW I can stick to this daily goal. As I mentioned before I need to have a good portfolio for the Masters in Creative Writing I plan on getting. The portfolio building begins today, sure this may only be a small foundation, but at least it’s a start!

Wish me luck!

Feelin’ Good After the Summer

Sooooo something I did not post about last time was how much everything has changed for me since I last posted regularly on this Blog. I feel it’s better to tell you all through one post instead of any of you who remember me being confused when I mention things I would never have mentioned before.

I have also managed to reach a few goals of mine in the process of the summer (not many, so don’t get your hopes up that this will be super inspirational!) which I may as well list here too.

1) I got a job and have kept it! That’s right I am officially moving up in the world of experience and work. Not much as I only get 4-9 hours a week, but it’s still something! My name is Charlotte, I have been working in a hotel as a waitress since May, and I have only broken one glass so far!

2) I have moved out. This one is pretty huge. I have been needing a place of my own for a very long time now (almost two years) and now I finally have one! Now, I will miss my Grandparents, whom I had been living with these past two years while I attended college, but they are only a short walk and a bus ride away so I’ll be seeing plenty of them!

3) I made it into my third year of college. I don’t know how, as one of the nights before the test I distinctly remember honestly never having heard the names of any of the authors I was to write an essay on the next day, but I managed!

4) I managed to hold onto Mr. Cooke. Some of you may remember my boyfriend from his constant reference in my Blog, and we have managed to stay together for a whole other summer despite living in two completely different counties (whoop!). I know it’s sappy, but this is the most important thing I’ve managed to do all summer!

5) I did not get fat off all my baking.

6) I’ve only gotten obsessed with one thing over the summer… and that being Farmville I am proud to say I have kicked the addiction.

7) …. Wow… I am an awful person… That’s all I’ve done this summer!

Well there ya have it, any updates which have taken place, they are all mentioned above!

Goals and Achievements Here I Come!

So after deciding to start back into my Blog today, it is literally all I have been able to think about since. I know, that is incredibly sad and at 20 years old I should really have more on my mind, but in fairness work today was dragged out hugely so all I had time to do was think.

I was also meant to start writing today, but got side tracked because when I got home my Step Dad asked me to help him do up a flyer for his counselling service. Obviously, I was gonna help him out. However, I still want to do something, so I’m going to draw out a Writing Map, and map out my progress for this month, what I hope to achieve in this one month and what I actually achieve.

Of course what you want to achieve and will actually achieve are two completely different things. I always under estimate myself to make sure that I hit an actual goal, though this isn’t always the best method because I get lazy and stick to the smaller goal when I can be reaching much higher.

Though, now that I am seriously trying to apply myself, and as there is an actual deadline for the applications for the masters I’m interested in I really have to be serious about my writing and stop slacking off and just forgetting about what I’m meant to be doing. I’ll have my map done out before the end of the day, and then I’ll know exactly where I’ll be starting with my writing over the next week.

I have a few side projects at the moment, some I can talk about and some I can’t, but they will also be keeping me busy both in the lead up to and during my next year of college. Between all of this I am just after moving out with my friend, Samantha.

It is going to be one amazing, hectic year!

I am Back!

It’s sad when you feel bad for not posting for a week, but I’m telling you, me not posting for a week is seriously bad. I’m sure you all know that by now as I usually struggle to keep below my recommended 2 posts a day!

But no matter, I am back and here to annoy you all once again!

Now, there is something that has confused me. Even when I was gone I still got views and likes and even FOLLOWERS. I am very confused, maybe people think my site is for free porn, and that’s why they keep clicking into it. I am sorry, but this is not a porn site.

Just getting that out there.

SO. I have finally finished my final essay. It is the worst essay I have ever written. I didn’t spell check, I didn’t check grammar (in Irish the computer doesn’t do this for you) and I don’t even know what the hell I was talking about.

But you know what?


Yes, I am so happy that I can’t even curse. I am also tired so that word hugely amused me.

I hope you all had an amazing Easter and ate half (if not more) of your body weight in chocolate. I ain’t the biggest fan of the oulde ‘Easter Egg’ and so my Mom got me this:


This is Percy Pig. I have been getting jelly versions of him for as long as I can remember. For those of you who live anywhere with a Marks and Spensers near by and have not had Percy yet, go get some. Now. To those of you who have enjoyed the amazingness of this pig, I salute you.

This is the first year that Percy has gone chocolate and in piglet sized fashion! I am in love with him. I haven’t even eaten him yet because I don’t want to ruin him… I get very sentimental about these things….

And let’s not even MENTION writing, because, well… Well the word count is the same as it was 3 weeks ago. But it will change in due time. I’m not going to rush it, I know that when it is ready to be written, it will let me know.

And now I leave you all.

Seriously though, even if you have to order them online, get some Percy Pigs. Treat yourself!

Me Oh My I Hate College!

Not literally, and not all the time, but right now I hate college.

I was meant to have a test today. Yes meant to. The lecturer cancelled it without telling anyone. I missed writing yesterday because I was studying for that test.

Then today I attempted an extremely difficult essay (which didn’t get started, let alone written) which also took from my writing time.

So end of the line people, I didn’t write today either. I just picked the worst week possible to start writing!

I suppose there’s always the weekend….

Someone inspire me! Trust me, I need it!


Hello humanity, I am finally back from the back-end of nowhere! I have been speaking Irish (unless drunk, then it was more a mix between Irish, English, gibberish and the little German I know) for an entire week, and I am finally back among people who don’t bother putting ‘shéibhiús’ on their words and where the language is simple and straight forward.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Irish, I mean why else would I do it? But this course was ridiculously pointless. On one of the days we literally spent two hours talking about ‘holidays’ and what we do on them…. I did that in first class. Not first year. First class. I was a baby back then.

I understand that some people needed to do some simple subjects to get their spoken Irish level up, but my God for those of us who have Irish it was the biggest waste of time ever.

Anyway, now that I am back, I think it is time to embarrass myself by telling you all that my plan to get nice nails over this trip has failed more than I thought possible. I actually came back with shorter nails than I left with!

Maybe it’s all the waiting around I did, but my God they are disgraceful. I wish I could have pretty nails, just once. For my debs I had fake nails… They were not nice. At all. In fact, I am so dedicated to this Blog that I will show you what my nails were like that day:

Do you SEE that nail??! It’s crazy! I had to bite them off. My nails were ruined after them (on a side note, don’t get shit nails that stick to them, they are incredibly bad for the condition of your nails once you take them off).

Soooooo no nails for me 😦 BUT I am back in the real world with chocolate, TV and MY BOOK!!

Which I will be writing everyday from now on!

I know, none of us believe that, but who knows??