Ideas and Blocks

For a long time now I have been in between minds on at least 4 different projects that I want to write. Today, I am just as confused as I have been all summer. I started my time editing the first draft of the first book I have ever finished, but I just couldn’t get into it. It clearly wasn’t the right time to start editing.

I have about three novel ideas and one short story which I really want to write, but I’m still unsure about what to do! I am so confused. Thankfully I am going on holiday with Mr. Cooke and his family on Saturday for a week. As my boyfriend has already decided on what he’ll be writing, he has promised to let me rant about all my ideas and help me figure out what it is I want to write.

The best part is that we will be starting back at writing when we come back from holiday, and starting our daily word count competition again. This really helps the two of us to keep writing, no matter what mood we’re in. Especially as we are both such sore losers!

I’m sure by the end of next week I’ll have a super mega idea about where I’m going with my writing, and even if I don’t I’ll have to sit down and start writing!

This post is also one just to let you all know why I’ve disappeared for a week from Saturday onward!


Games Aren’t So Bad After All…

So after a well deserved break form essay-ing today, I went to college, had a lazy day hanging with my friends and watching them all fret over finishing their essays and then went to my boyfriend’s only to discover that my Competitive Streak is very much alive and well.

Side Note: If you have not read about my newly found competitive streak, you can find it in the link above. It’s a very thrilling and delightful post, you should click into it, even just to check whether or not it’s too long to read.

So yes, while at my boyfriends we played the usual game of Worms, where I kill more of the worms on my team than my boyfriend can manage- that’s right, I kill them before he even gets the chance to get to them. That there is strategical thinking. When he reminded me that I promised him I’d try one of the actual ‘fighting’ games. I was curious to see whether or not the whole theory about girls pressing ‘a a a a a a a a a’ repeatedly would actually get her somewhere.

Apparently it does.

We were playing a game called ‘Street Fighters’ (I think…) and even though I only learned in our third match how to jump, I won a good few rounds! Not the overall game, but I was very nearly there!

Soooooo my whole ‘I’m not going to let myself be competitive’ things really didn’t last long at all.

In fact, I’m growing to like being competitive. More when I win, but it’s still pretty awesome making my boyfriend think I might actually have a chance at winning (all the while, convincing myself I have a chance too).

SO I will retract my original ‘I ain’t gonna be a competitive bitch’ and replace it with ‘Hell’s yeah baby, BRING IT ON!’

Here’s to a lifetime of gaming, and ultimately failing.

Competitive Streak

I never thought of myself as a competitive person. Not once did I think that I would ever understand why my family would shout at the TV when a particular rugby match was on or why they would often have long debates over who’s team was better.

I was never sporty- and I never will be sporty. I don’t have that get-up-and-go attitude that athletes seem to have. I never regretted this, I was happy skipping sport in school and hanging around in various classrooms until it was safe for me to come out without someone throwing a ball at me. I was proud that I never gave into this particular trait- being competitive. I didn’t need it, and I was glad tat I could get by without it.

However, WordPress has brought out my competitive side. And I mean REALLY brought out my competitive side. At first I was happy with just writing and getting no love in return. This blog was doing its job. I made it to keep me writing and to keep my inspiration alive, which it has done brilliantly!

Then I got my first like.

I was surprised to say the least. I didn’t think I was able to use WordPress properly, so finding out the my blog was actually accessible to others made me extremely happy. I wanted more.

I continued writing about the journey I was taking with the first draft of my novel and this seemed to appeal to people.

People started following me.

Shit, now people might actually have been reading what I was saying. I’m not going to sugar coat it- my blog is not really that interesting. It literally only has updates about my writing and occasional rants like this one. What the hell was I going to write about now?! I don’t know what people liked or why they started following me in the first place!

Then my boyfriend joined WordPress, and as I had expected is doing a million times better than me. Even with a month ahead of him he has managed to catch up and me and leave me far behind in the dust!

I was surprised to find how much this… irked me. Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but I forget that other people can see how good he is and forgot just how much better he would be doing than me!

Then he named what was going on- I was starting to get competitive. This has been coming out more and more as the weeks have passed. When we played Yu-Gi-Oh the other day, and I had to win. And I mean had to win. He claims I cheated, I will never admit to cheating! But there was some foul play and I did end up winning.

I don’t like feeling competitive, and so I have decided to try not to care about how many followers or views I get in a day.

Yeah, I know that isn’t going to last, but we’ll see!

Alternatively you can leave your tips on how to get more followers! Would be greatly appreciated from a newly competitive young woman who has tasted winning and really liked it!

Maybe I’ll surprise myself and start meditating to treat my new problem and end up a cool indie- hippy person who sees the world as a happy place and sees no need for anyone to compete against one another, thus making my blog an instant success and the whole thing will start all over!