Let’s get down to business

I originally set this blog up so that I could keep on track with my writing. And it really did fulfill its purpose as I did complete the first draft of my first ever novel.

‘But what happened after that?’ I hear a distant thought in your mind whisper.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I came out of college thinking I would take a year off to find myself and my writing ability. I panicked and now I’m nearly finished my Masters in Primary Education.

Big change, right?

Now I’m lucky that I have found an extreme passion and love within myself for teaching. I love it with all my heart and I live for the day that I have a classroom of my own.

However, the brave side of me, the rebel still wonders whether I would have a shot at publishing a piece of work or not.


So for now, I am writing small bits, small amounts- for me.

This is something that I am really enjoying at the minute.

It will be interesting to see whether or not anything comes out of it-maybe it is purely a way of avoiding my thesis- who knows?

And who cares, really.

But let’s see whether or not this blog helps me back into that state of mind where I wrote 2,000 words every night without fail!

One can only dream!



Sleeping Beauty

I promised yonks and yonks ago that I would put a poem up. This will more than likely be the only one I put up as I don’t write good poetry at all, but I have a soft spot for this one.

I wrote it one night when I couldn’t sleep after finding out that my ex boyfriend cheated on me. Everything was completely mixed up in my head and I didn’t know how to feel or act any more.

This is the best poem I’ve written (I know, if this is my best I am seriously bad), and as I did promise to put up a poem, I decided I may as well put one up that I like! Sorry it’s so long!


Just sleep, sleep

Let my thoughts be

Forget all the sounds

and the spinning machine.

Prick your little finger

And fall to the floor

Await your Prince Charming,

the one you met before

Gather all the Jesters

the nannies and nuns

And dream as the fairies

Try to help your loved one.

Though the dream shoots to terror

As the Queen

Takes her scene

In a castle far away

On a hill, oh so evil

That poor Sleeping Beauty

Moans and cries against

the evil persuasion

of the Queen, oh dear!

The girl will be trapped

In a sweet little world,

Where everything’s at.

No white rabbit

Or hatter, or tea

for the girl only

sitting and waiting

for her precious saviour

Now back upon land

Does the man subdue to

Awful horrors and pains

-At last! He thought,

‘I am through!’

When a dragon

So terrifying

Flew down from the sky!

And ate the young prince,

Causing fairies to cry.

Then with a flick of her tail

The fairies too disappeared,

And the Beauty and kingdom

Were never to be spared

As the witch took her own

And killed the sweet pea

With her Father and Mother

Looking on in defeat.

Dead is the Beauty and her Happy Ever After.

Goal Set and Reached!

I said earlier that I have not written in a very long time- I hold my hands up, I was extremely lazy and just couldn’t have been bothered with writing. I am back now though and I think I actually know where I’m going with it now!

I know it sounds silly, but I really did have no idea where the hell I was going with this novel for the last few weeks, but I finally know what’s happening and where the time frame could be falling. It will more than likely change between now and the end of the book- but at least I have something to work with, and more importantly something to write about!

From what I’ve gathered so far from this series, I think it’s going to be quite confusing for me to remember everything, so I was thinking of drawing out a graph at the end of this book so I know where each character is at certain parts of the books as they all overlap with one another.

Buuuuuut, I won’t have to worry about that for a while, so back to today! I wrote over 2,000 words and now I feel great! I needed to get some stuff out of my system and writing is like a therapy yo me- a good way to get rid of anything that’s left inside of you for a few days is to bang it out on your keypad!

I am going to have a shower, clean my room (for once) and go to bed nice and early so that I can get up for my lovely 9 o’clock Irish lecture.

Goodnight WordPress!