Vegan Vegetable Korma

I know what you’re thinking- do I eat anything other than various types of curries?!

The answer is yes, but since becoming vegan one pot curries have become my best friend.

I am really thankful for this, because when I’m back in the classroom in a week’s time I won’t have the same amount of time to cook as I do during the summer. I feel like I am acquiring a well-stocked freezer of home-made dinners ready-to-go when work has caused longer days, and less time at home.

This vegan vegetable korma is definitely going to be added to this list. Mr. Cooke and I love an Indian takeaway as much as the next Irish civilian, and I was worried that takeaways would be few and far between on this diet.

vegan living magazine

However, this recipe is actually better tasting than the takeaways and is more filling, and my body doesn’t feel as awful as it usually does after eating a takeaway.

The recipe we have used for this dinner can be found in this month’s issue of Vegan Living Magazine in a handy little section titled Family Favorites. This magazine has lots of useful information for anyone who is unsure of vegan products or who needs a few new recipes to add new flavors to their weekly menu.


Vegan Pear and Walnut Salad

Waldorf salad. A total classic, one that I love to indulge in whenever I’m out.

Though, when at home I find it oddly frustrating and difficult to put a well-complimented salad together. Now that I’m a vegan and ham and cheese sandwiches are no longer an option, salads are becoming the thing I can see myself eating more often.

Mr. Cooke and I went all out when we decided to go vegan, and we have searched the internet looking for good recipes, with real flavor from actual vegans. One of the websites we found was Melanie McDonald’s A Virtual Vegan.

On Melanie’s site, I was lucky enough to come across her delicious recipe for a Pear Walnut Salad with a Maple Cinnamon Dressing.

This recipe is so good that I’m already drooling thinking about my lunch tomorrow. If you’re looking for something simple, sweet and tasty for lunch I would really recommend this!

I candied walnuts today, I feel like a super cook!

On a side note, if anyone has any good tips on how to further my skills and knowledge in salad making I would be very excited to learn!

Vegan Chickpea Curry

When Mr. Cooke and I decided to go vegan about a week ago we were worried because we love our food. We were worried that while the advantages of veganism would speak for themselves, that the flavor of the food would not.

Then I went searching for a vegan curry and this Vegan Chickpea curry was one of the top Google options that popped up.

We were instantly hooked!

We made it the first night with broccoli, and the second time we added courgettes instead. We found that the courgettes were a better addition to this particular curry. If you like your curry wetter remove from heat soon after adding the veg at the end once they are cooked.

Tip: Add poppadoms to your meal to enhance the flavor and experience of the curry!

If you want to try it yourself you can find it here from the lovely people over at Hurry the Food Up. They give great vegetarian and vegan recipes for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking.

Rash Decisions?

rash decisions

I am not one to usually make rash decisions. I used to do that, but let’s face it, I’m nearly 25 now and I’m not getting any younger. I need to be more ‘adult’ about my decisions- right?

Well, I guess the decision to go vegan was half rash and half planned.

My uncle, Eamonn often jokes that once when I was young he made me a sausage sandwich and instantly I asked “Are these vegetarian sausages? Because I’m a vegetarian.” He told me they were, which they weren’t, and I have never heard the end of it.


I’m not, nor was I ever a vegetarian. However, my God-uncle, Gerard was. It was cool to me, different. And I loved animals, at that young age it made sense.

Vegetarianism was a fleeting thought throughout my life, something I would try at some point during that ‘Experimental Stage’ of your life that everyone always talked about. Wondrously, college came and went, and with it left my apparent ‘chance’ to experiment.

You might think that it’s a rash decision to base my diet on one documentary and a past of ‘vegetarian sausages’, but I think otherwise. I have been dieting for a long time, I have been trying to find a cure for insufferable pains I have been having since I first became a woman at 12.


The What the Health documentary currently on Netflix followed several people with seemingly incurable illness caused by diet. These people were plagued with tablets and doctor’s appointments, as many of my years have been with my pains.

Seeing these people at the end after mere weeks on a vegan diet has me convinced. I’m changing my diet and I’m going to be rid of my pains! I know it.

Anyone out there for tips for a vegan newbie, I would be massively grateful!

Thanks for reading, I hope to have you here alongside of me for this journey.

Addiction, I’ve Finally Reached It.

I don’t mean addiction to sex, drugs or alcohol. Oh no, I am now addicted to a Pirate game on the internet. It’s one of those games that somehow manages to steal your brain and makes you obsess over everything like Farmville or one of those games.

I have spent the last few hours- yes hours– playing this game. My eyes feel like they are melting and my brain is slightly numb, yet I still want to go back to it.

I know I have written before about how my love for games was growing, but I never thought I’d be able to spend longer on any game than I would have on Sims at any one time. But I was wrong. I know for a fact that this is what I’ll be doing tomorrow too.

Though I do have a lot to do tomorrow too, so hopefully it won’t captivate me for too long, or perhaps not before I get my work done! Maybe I should just stay away from my laptop altogether…


Like that will ever happen.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?

I have a craving for hot chocolate, chipper chips, coke, and pasta all at once. Sitting here, letting my thoughts roam is not a good thing for me to do, but that ain’t stopping me!

I have a question to ask any of you who have lasted this long in this post, have any of you got any simple recipes for me? I know this is random, but I have a sudden need to cook. A lot. So any simple recipes (starter, main or desert) would be hugely appreciated!

Maybe it’s all the food shows I was watching today, but who knows?!

Thank you all!

This Trip is Going to Save My Nails.

I was going to take a picture of my own nails for this post to show what a poor state they are in, but it is surprisingly hard to take a picture of your own hands… While taking the picture. Especially when you are as useless with cameras as I am. So instead, this is what I found:

To the point of this post, I have a sneaky feeling that I am going to come back from the (stupid) Gaeltacht with AMAZING nails. This is quite big. I might even treat myself to actual nail polish.

I know, I really go full out, don’t I?

So far through my teens I have tried to give up biting my nails many, many times. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I failed drastically, but no matter how well I did I always went back to biting them. Whether it was a sad moment in a movie that I had to try to chew my way through, having eaten all my popcorn, or an extremely stressful week; I ALWAYS went back to snacking on my hand.

However, for that short week I had nails I would paint them in drastic colours: neon blue to bright red to green. I thought I was cool. I really wasn’t. Thank God for my emo phase that ensured only black nail polish for the short occasions I did have nails.

Even when I pause to think about what I’m going to write next I BITE MY NAILS! I know it’s a disgusting habit, and I have tried all the awful polishes and everything to try to stop, but I just licked it all off or washed my hands until the taste was gone.

This is literally like an addiction with the lengths I went through to bite them.

SO in conclusion, I feel that I will not have enough time to bite my nails in the Gaeltacht. At least I’m hoping so. I am going to take it upon myself to come back with damn sexy nails, like THESE:

These are possibly fake (I don’t know much about nails) but this is what I aim to achieve.

I’ll let you know how badly I fail this time when I’m back, and if I magically succeed, then I will tell you about that!

Oh, as I will be putting this on every post from now till I’m back please read here why I will not be replying to anyone (no, I am not a mean person). Go on, I dare you to take a look. Right here. Dare, you have to look at it now!

So, good bye for now. I hope ye all have an amazing week!!!

Just Chillin’

So, I’m sitting here, in my sitting room only reading posts on WordPress and Facebook- remember how I said I would study today? Yeah…

So I got thinking, what the hell is editing going to be like? It scared me, so I thought about food, thought about turning on the TV, then felt guilty because I haven’t even looked at the Pickwick papers yet…


There, now I don’t feel as bad. So I have sorta, kinda, justified not working at all today. So you know what that means? I have a lot of time to write. A LOT.

I will eat, then write. Being full of sweet and sour chicken with rice sounds amazing at this time of the day, doesn’t it? And so that is what I shall have, and what I shall do.

Unfortunately I might have to do some actual work eventually, but for now I feel goooood that writing is the only thing I am actually bothered to do! Other than eat of course…

So here’s to me writing far earlier than I have in a looooong time! (I’m holding a glass of water for this cheers because I don’t like wine).