Friends Fest in Oxfordshire

Friends. The iconic TV show, one that stole the ratings and has held the hearts of fans for over 20 years after the first air date.

I was only two years old when Friends aired, yet here I am, almost 25 years of age and it is by far my favorite TV show, and is the TV show I have most resonated with over the years.

Standing outside of Central Perk was surreal

The characters are a classic mix of loving, funny, wacky and caring. The writing is timeless and the actors were outstanding. This caused for the perfect recipe for TV gold. Thanks to Comedy Central we have Friends on a constant loop where we can indulge and binge-watch our favorite six characters in New York’s most famous coffee house.

The main stage at Friends Fest

Another fantastic Friends fandom dream Comedy Central has made a reality is the ability for fans to visit all of the important and iconic stills of the Friends world. This can be done through Friends Fest UK.

For the small price of €30 you can experience what the cast and crew of Friends lived through every day. The site explains how a group tour of Monica and Rachel’s apartment and Joey and Chandler’s appointment, as well as a tour of actual props used throughout the ten series of the show. Also outlined are Central Perk, The Moondance Diner, Phoebe’s taxi cab and the opportunity to recreate the classic beginning credits.

Recreating the famous title sequence with Mr. Cooke

I was lucky enough to have the chance to go to this festival thanks to Mr. Cooke. We had the chance to partake in all of the various activities.

Enjoying the props in the boys’ apartment

At first, we got there about three and a half hours before our tour date, we thought walking into the field that there would not be enough to keep us entertained for that length of time. However,  there was so much to do that we had enough time to do everything we wanted before we went for the tour. In a way it was better to be early as we had the chance to take everything in and when there were queues we were not stressed about pushing through each activity quickly.

Getting married in Vegas

The event was well organised and there were many Friends activities organised onstage for festival-goers to take part in or to observe and enjoy. There were also clips from the nation’s favorite Friends episodes on stage with garden chairs and loungers where you could enjoy your meal from the ‘Moondance Diner’, a sandwich from ‘My Sandwich’ or a drink from ‘The Chick and the Duck Bar.’

Monica and Rachel’s apartment

If you are a big Friends fan, like I am, this is definitely the place for you. From the gift shop that even sells Mockolate bars, all the way to the real props and the opportunity to interact with recreated sets your day is bound to be filled with a trip down memory lane with a twist.

We had a brilliant time and thank you to Comedy Central for for allowing us to be able to get this experience!




All Is Well in Writing World Again!

I am extremely happy to say that I have reached my target for today- not only did I reach my goal, but I reached the part I was crazy excited about the other day (excitement over plot development can be seen here!) so I was super happy about that.

I would have actually kept writing if it wasn’t for the fact that I still haven’t been able to go through this scene properly in my head- it’s an important moment and I want it to turn out really well and come across in a certain way, but it’s gong to take me a day or two to let it lie in my head for a while and allow it to form itself and let me know when it’s ready!

I won’t be able to write for the next few days because I am going home to Carlow where I will be cleaning and keeping my brother’s in check while my Mom freaks out over the last few parts of her party, so bringing my laptop would be pretty pointless as it won’t even leave my bag unless to check WordPress for notifications!

So I am sorry for the lack of posting the next two days, please do not think that I have disappeared, it just so happens that I live on a hill where internet is little to none and even when you do manage to get some it takes aaaaaaages to wake up and work!

So I think I will leave it there for now! Yet another cup of tea and an episode of Friends for me!

10,000 and looking forward to tomorrow!

Today I reached the 10,000 word count, which I am ecstatic about because it means that I am only 10,000 words from the 20,000 mark which is where it gets serious!

I wrote over 2,000, hitting my goal and made a huge development in the plot line! For the last while I have just been creating the world and getting to know my characters and where they might be heading, but now I have something seriously good to aim for! And I am seriously excited about it!

I actually have an aim, and tension will begin to rise and things are about to get confusing and tough for my poor main character- who knows what’s going to happen! I certainly don’t, but it will be extremely interesting to see where this goes.

I will go now and again treat myself to a cup of tea and an episode of Friends for writing!