Laptop Blues

I have left my laptop in my apartment in Dublin, over an hour’s drive away and 10.50 on a bus. I’m back in Carlow and although Mr. Cooke was good enough to give me his iPad to write on, I have no charger for it so the only chance I will have to go online will be when one of my brothers feel nice enough to give me their laptop, so don’t expect any posts for a while. I am currently posting secretly… My brother must NEVER find out.

So, I was in Dublin for a while, with the pure purpose in a game’s night… We are huge nerds when it comes to games… and in general really.. The night was a success, but meant that I couldn’t write for a few days.

However last night I started a new novel idea which I really haven’t thought about much. It’s fantasy (of course) and I am absolutely in love with where it starts. And so this will be my BIG project from now on, until I hate it and need to cry to you all about it and kick myself in the ass to get back to it.

Expect that, it will happen.

But I’m hoping this will be a good story… We’ll see anyway. But as I am writing on an app I have no way of knowing how many words I’ve written, unless I count them manually, which ain’t gonna happen. I do not have the patience, nor the battery to bother!

So, until my next laptop robbery, good bye! Hopefully I’ll have kept my writing going!!