Vegan Chickpea Curry

When Mr. Cooke and I decided to go vegan about a week ago we were worried because we love our food. We were worried that while the advantages of veganism would speak for themselves, that the flavor of the food would not.

Then I went searching for a vegan curry and this Vegan Chickpea curry was one of the top Google options that popped up.

We were instantly hooked!

We made it the first night with broccoli, and the second time we added courgettes instead. We found that the courgettes were a better addition to this particular curry. If you like your curry wetter remove from heat soon after adding the veg at the end once they are cooked.

Tip: Add poppadoms to your meal to enhance the flavor and experience of the curry!

If you want to try it yourself you can find it here from the lovely people over at Hurry the Food Up. They give great vegetarian and vegan recipes for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking.


Ideas and Blocks

For a long time now I have been in between minds on at least 4 different projects that I want to write. Today, I am just as confused as I have been all summer. I started my time editing the first draft of the first book I have ever finished, but I just couldn’t get into it. It clearly wasn’t the right time to start editing.

I have about three novel ideas and one short story which I really want to write, but I’m still unsure about what to do! I am so confused. Thankfully I am going on holiday with Mr. Cooke and his family on Saturday for a week. As my boyfriend has already decided on what he’ll be writing, he has promised to let me rant about all my ideas and help me figure out what it is I want to write.

The best part is that we will be starting back at writing when we come back from holiday, and starting our daily word count competition again. This really helps the two of us to keep writing, no matter what mood we’re in. Especially as we are both such sore losers!

I’m sure by the end of next week I’ll have a super mega idea about where I’m going with my writing, and even if I don’t I’ll have to sit down and start writing!

This post is also one just to let you all know why I’ve disappeared for a week from Saturday onward!

Feelin’ Good After the Summer

Sooooo something I did not post about last time was how much everything has changed for me since I last posted regularly on this Blog. I feel it’s better to tell you all through one post instead of any of you who remember me being confused when I mention things I would never have mentioned before.

I have also managed to reach a few goals of mine in the process of the summer (not many, so don’t get your hopes up that this will be super inspirational!) which I may as well list here too.

1) I got a job and have kept it! That’s right I am officially moving up in the world of experience and work. Not much as I only get 4-9 hours a week, but it’s still something! My name is Charlotte, I have been working in a hotel as a waitress since May, and I have only broken one glass so far!

2) I have moved out. This one is pretty huge. I have been needing a place of my own for a very long time now (almost two years) and now I finally have one! Now, I will miss my Grandparents, whom I had been living with these past two years while I attended college, but they are only a short walk and a bus ride away so I’ll be seeing plenty of them!

3) I made it into my third year of college. I don’t know how, as one of the nights before the test I distinctly remember honestly never having heard the names of any of the authors I was to write an essay on the next day, but I managed!

4) I managed to hold onto Mr. Cooke. Some of you may remember my boyfriend from his constant reference in my Blog, and we have managed to stay together for a whole other summer despite living in two completely different counties (whoop!). I know it’s sappy, but this is the most important thing I’ve managed to do all summer!

5) I did not get fat off all my baking.

6) I’ve only gotten obsessed with one thing over the summer… and that being Farmville I am proud to say I have kicked the addiction.

7) …. Wow… I am an awful person… That’s all I’ve done this summer!

Well there ya have it, any updates which have taken place, they are all mentioned above!


There are some things in this world I really don’t understand. One of these things is a parent’s attitude to sex, moreso their children having sex. I get it, the thought of your child, your ‘young and innocent’ child being pressurised by the opposite sex is terrifying, but they seem to have more of an obsession with it than we do.

I am 20 years old and have been with my boyfriend for nine months. I think that at this stage it is obvious that we are in for a long-term relationship and really like one another. Sure, sex is great, but we don’t live together and both of us still live with family due to lack of jobs, so it’s not on our minds 24/7.

Adults seem to think otherwise. As some of you may know, I was in the hospital this weekend. My boyfriend was amazing and came over to take care of me, which included staying with me when I was high on morphine and in a deep sleep to escape the pain of surgery. Nurses came in and out of the room to check on me, when my parents found out that he had not gone home their instinct reaction was that the nurses were watching us to make sure we didn’t have sex.

I was just out of surgery people! I was on morphine and if I even lifted my stomach off the bed the pain was immense. Not to mention that the operation I had just had was in my stomach. Sex was not a thought, let alone an option.

I get that teens are known for being crazy, horny and have had known to go to certain lengths to have sex, but even horny crazed teens can have sense occasionally! Is there anyone else who gets these constant worries from their parents? I get I’m a girl and the fear of pregnancy and all that is there, but I’m not stupid, and neither is my boyfriend.

Anyway, that’s my rant about sex. I hope I’m not the only one who deals with the craziness of their parents and how they act towards sex, cos trust me it ain’t fun!