So here I am

And here I stay. I am trying desperately to write lesson plans for my final three weeks of teaching practice, but after 2 weeks holidays and 7 weeks of constant Teaching placement before that, I feel I have lost my flow.

What do you do when you know you’re procrastinating?

How do you get back into the swing of things?

Let me know. I need assistance!


Essay Time Again!

I know I already mentioned an essay I had to do on The Pickwick Papers by Mr. Charles Dickens, but it really wasn’t that bad. I mean, essays on novels are generally nice and interesting to write, making it extremely easy just to sit down and write.

HOWEVER today I am writing an essay on Chaucer’s ‘The Wife of Bath’. I’m sure you have all heard about the Canterbury Tales, some of you may have studied them as well. Luckily I actually find this tale quite interesting (compared to the other ones I reluctantly skimmed over in first year when I didn’t know that modern day translations were available.)

I am also incredibly lucky to have a boyfriend who is amazing at English, and who has pointed me in the right direction! (Mr. Cooke, I owe you big time).

So, I am now at home, nice and warm after a McDonald’s lunch and warm Coke- don’t ask- and I am ready to get my essay mode on!

Wish me luck, Medieval English ain’t really my thing, but as it’s a core module, I really had no choice in the matter of whether to do it or not. And this essay… Well it’s my best hope at getting a high enough grade!

I hope any of you who are doing assignments at the moment are having as much fun as me doing them! And to those of you who don’t have assignments to do, I would really appreciate some help on my next one, you can totally help me if you want!

I might check in later, if I haven’t killed my laptop by that stage.

A General Update

No too sure where I’m going with this post, but we’ll see where it goes.

I felt like I should write one as I haven’t for some time. Partially because of essays in college and partially because of my lack of internet this weekend!

Somehow I am still magically getting views even though I haven’t put anything up in a while- thank you to whoever is visiting my page!

I promise that from now on it will be far more interesting and I will figure out how I am going to do this while taking a break from my essays! I have a few posts I’ve been meaning to write, so they will be up soon!

Soooooo that’s pretty much it for my mini update!

I will talk to you all tomorrow through a much more interesting post!

Exceeding my Goal!

Today was an utter success! I am quite very thrilled to say that I have exceeded my goal by 500 words! That’s right people, 3,000 words written today! Apparently doing next to nothing all day helps my mind to write an awful lot!

Wow, there were a lot of exclamation points in that paragraph. One thing I did want to mention in today’s post is that I have found that in every novel there are a few words that I seem to use an awful lot and I just can’t stop using them, or a word that no matter how often I spell it (even if I know how to spell it) I spell it wrong anyway. Does this happen to anyone else?

At the moment I am trying desperately to avoid the word ‘suddenly’ and I am misspelling ‘extremely’ I keep spelling it like this: extrememly. I find it quite amusing because I know it’ coming yet can’t stop it! I’m even spelling it like that when I text now. It’s pure madness!

Sooooo now that I am finished writing I am going to curl up and watch something nice and have a good sleep after, and look forward to tomorrow, hoping that I will reach such a satisfying number again tomorrow!

I really have to do some serious studying tomorrow though and make up for my laziness in college work today!

Night WordPress!

Sci Day 12

Where Did All the Time Go?

I swear, when I woke up this morning I thought that I had so much more time than I actually did. I swear, time is seeping out through a hole in the galaxy or something, either that or someone is stealing it, because I remember there being a lot more of it last year than there is now.

But, regardless of time I have made sure to write. I may not have reached my goal for today, but I did get some nice bits in which I am quite proud of (if I do say so myself). I am so close to 60,000 I can almost taste it, but alas I didn’t have it in me tonight.

But, I will be home much earlier tomorrow and will be in the mood for writing by then because I’ll have been doing essays and readings all day, so having a bit of fun with the language will be waaaay overdue.

Anyway, I planned for this to be a short post so that I could head straight to bed after writing it, so goodnight everyone!