Am I the Only One Who Had a Crush on Gordo?

I found this meme the other day:

I never liked Ethan….

My God he annoyed me!

No, I like him:

I always went for the weird kids. Always.

I have no idea why. Maybe I’m just a huge nerd (which I have been realising is more than true lately).

I always wanted to be a nerd. I wanted to go home and play on the Play Station all day (90’s kids… No x-boxes where I’m from!), I desperately wanted a Gameboy, I played Yu-Gi-Oh, crushed on half of the main characters of cartoon character such as Ash from Pokemon, the Pharaoh from Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto from the same series.

I played with Bayblades before they were cool, I even had my star blade who would crush anyone who tried to defeat me, but alas I was not a nerd.

I was just a girl who wanted to be a nerd, but wouldn’t allow herself- or maybe it was my Mom, I was never sure. My room was pink and girly, I needed my teddies at night or I wouldn’t sleep, though I always wanted to play in my Grandparent’s bog, make mud pies, go on adventures in the dirtiest and most disgusting places I could find, not understanding why we weren’t allowed in the sewers and going anyway- take all that away and I still loved my Barbies.

THIS was the ultimate toy of my childhood

I loved her. She was like my Woody. I brought her everywhere.

The sad thing is that I don’t know where she is now.

It’s odd though, that even though I would give anything to be out with all of my cousins and play in the leaves, lose my wellies in sinky sand, only coming in to ask for the thousandth time how to get rid of a nettle sting, I would still be able to sit down for an afternoon with a book and completely ignore their pleas for me to go outside.

That is the power of a good book, even if you are going to your grandparent’s house and your friends are begging you to come out and play, you refuse because you need to know how the book ends, or what happens to your favourite character.

I lost many days in the bogs and fields with my cousins to books, and I wouldn’t change that for the world!

(The post I told ye all I would be posting everywhere is here!)


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